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DraftKings NHL May 8th, 2021 $11.00 34 / 3033 11.7
DraftKings NHL Apr 27th, 2021 $15.00 259 / 3137 8.55
DraftKings NHL Apr 26th, 2021 $11.00 137 / 3844 9.65
DraftKings NHL Apr 25th, 2021 $15.00 389 / 2352 8.55
DraftKings NHL Apr 18th, 2021 $15.00 246 / 2352 8.55
DraftKings NHL Apr 15th, 2021 $15.00 655 / 3137 8.55
DraftKings NHL Apr 10th, 2021 $11.00 878 / 4142 6.87
DraftKings NHL Apr 7th, 2021 $15.00 665 / 3137 8.55

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DraftKings NHL Mar 4th, 2020 $10.00 1 / 5407 464.16
DraftKings NHL Jan 29th, 2020 $10.00 1 / 4705 464.16
DraftKings NHL Mar 9th, 2020 $10.00 1 / 5882 464.16
DraftKings NHL Feb 6th, 2021 $333.00 1 / 169 464.16
DraftKings NHL Feb 6th, 2021 $10.00 1 / 6541 464.16
DraftKings NHL Jan 20th, 2016 $3.00 2 / 12458 365.53 (*)
DraftKings NHL Feb 6th, 2021 $40.00 1 / 583 292.40
DraftKings NHL Feb 6th, 2021 $150.00 1 / 148 292.40

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  • NHL, 12/29

    Gaudreau was a strong play at home against teams like Winnipeg and Edmonton which is why a lot of good players were on him and the Flames. Anaheim is a much better team and Gibson is a solid goalie. Not to mention that there were a ton of other great match... Read More


  • One Timer vs Breakaway

    In a single entry GPP you can worry a little bit less about being contrarian since there won't be one guy with every combination of players to steal your thunder. That said, it's still a good idea to differentiate yourself somewhere if you want to top the ... Read More


  • Malcolm Subban

    He's a pretty highly regarded prospect that doesn't need much of a boost to his trade value. OTOH, a bad performance after being thrown to the wolves could raise a lot of questions about his mental makeup. The right play was to ease him into the league ... Read More


  • NHL Friday Night DK Challenge: 1 Player Per Team

    In! Very cool idea and I wish the sites were a little more creative like this. Would make some slates a lot more playable as opposed to having everybody load up on 2-3 teams. Read More


  • NHL 2/20

    There are definitely must plays on every slate in the sense that you're putting yourself at a huge competitive disadvantage by avoiding them. Not playing a couple Rangers / Hawks tonight is the NHL equivalent of Russian roulette, except even more deadly. Read More


  • 11 Man NHL Leagues on DK

    Yeah I'd love to see DK offer a wider variety of NHL contests the way they do for other sports. Why don't we get any double up contests, for instance? Read More


  • Specific help w/ regard to picking defenseman.

    FD's pricing is mostly nonsensical so there's little use in trying to figure it out. Just take the value from these guys and don't overthink it. Read More


  • Specific help w/ regard to picking defenseman.

    Hamonic is definitely not garbage and he has been a great value play over the last few weeks while he's been on the first powerplay unit. In a season long league he has very limited value, but this is DFS and it's about the here and now. Read More


  • Change or Hot streak

    For a GPP it's probably okay since their ownership will be low, but in cash? Really depends. If their price has been lowered and they're showing signs of breaking out it can be a really good value play. If you're just rostering a guy because 'he's due,' wi... Read More


  • More duplicate lineups in single entry NHL 50/50s

    I haven't really been affected by this much but I do agree that the sites need to step in here. It clearly violates the integrity of the game to have a bunch of people paying a guy for a lineup and then all posting it in the same 50/50 where they take up a... Read More


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