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  • MLB, 5/8

    I was pretty close to taking today off as well. Like you said, it stopped being fun. I woke up this morning and at the last minute I put together a lineup for the early slate and one for the late slate. I ended up cashing in the early slate and I should c... Read More

    by jimnacho (jimnacho)

  • MLB, 5/2

    Knowing Mauer he'd probably pull a hammy putting his catching gear on. Read More

    by jimnacho (jimnacho)

  • MLB, 4/14

    That's what I've been doing as well. Too bad I picked the wrong pitcher from the Phillies/Padres game today. Read More

    by jimnacho (jimnacho)

  • NBA, 3/29

    I have a buddy who is a Cavs fan and I asked him this same question a few days ago. He said Lebron is the reason why they made the trade. When he returned to Cleveland he wanted to win right away and not have to wait around for Wiggins to develop, so they... Read More

    by jimnacho (jimnacho)

  • NBA, 3/27

    I cashed in my 50/50 and squeezed into the cash in my gpp despite "(player-popup)Myles Turner's":/players/myles-turner-18915's efforts to torpedo my lineup. I got extremely lucky. Read More

    by jimnacho (jimnacho)

  • NBA, 3/25

    Leuer got some points!!! Read More

    by jimnacho (jimnacho)

  • NBA, 3/24

    If I had taken Hollis-Jefferson over Babbit I'd currently be sitting 5pts out of first place in the FD Mini Dribbler with a second half of Jordan and Crawford yet to go. Read More

    by jimnacho (jimnacho)

  • NBA, 3/20

    I do that all the time, and I did it today with switching out Lopez for Jordan. It wouldn't have mattered though because I had Carmelo in my line up, so I wouldn't have cashed anyways. Read More

    by jimnacho (jimnacho)

  • NBA, 3/9

    I need Favors to get back in the game! Read More


    by jimnacho (jimnacho)

  • NBA, 3/7

    Peyton or Rubio on FD? Read More

    by jimnacho (jimnacho)

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