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  • MLB, 5/21

    I understand there could be a lot of variables with how the slate is laid out, but I'm looking for stacking advice for FD GPPs. What gives you the most success a 3-man or 4-man stack? Read More

    by r8tr25 (r8tr25)

  • MLB, 5/18

    Cheap 3b on FD - Spangenberg or Prado? Read More

    by r8tr25 (r8tr25)

  • MLB, 5/12

    I apologize if this has been previously brought up, but is anyone looking at stacking the CIN/LAD game? I'm really interested in both sides Read More

    by r8tr25 (r8tr25)

  • MLB, 5/7

    I'm not too concerned about a pitch count for Gant since the Cards used 6 relievers for 8.2 innings in the 14 inning game last night. Read More

    by r8tr25 (r8tr25)

  • MLB, 4/12

    Ended up with DJ in my LU. I was trying to pivot off him, but ran out of time. He's 5% or less owned in 11 of 14 LUs, 12%, 8% & 6 % in the other 3. Moral of the story; even a blind squirrel finds a nut now and then. Read More

    by r8tr25 (r8tr25)

  • MLB, 4/6

    Having a lot of trouble deciding: Travis, Lowrie or Odor in FD? Read More

    by r8tr25 (r8tr25)

  • NBA, 3/22

    where's all the FD 100-man $10 50/50s today? Read More

    by r8tr25 (r8tr25)

  • NHL, 3/19

    anyone on Raanta in net. He'll face a boatload of shots. The Yotes have won 6 of their last 11 (4-3 home and 2-2 on the road) and have given up less than 2.37 goals/game in these 11 games Read More

    by r8tr25 (r8tr25)

  • NHL, 3/3

    Strange slate tonight because of the way the times are broke up. Read More

    by r8tr25 (r8tr25)

  • NHL, 2/23

    getting mixed reports on VGK1...Has it been confirmed Neal or Smith with Marchessault and Karlsson? Read More

    by r8tr25 (r8tr25)

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