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Daily Fantasy Nerd was created for daily fantasy sports players to have a place to go to gain an edge on their opponents. Intended to “help you create better lineups in less time” by providing comprehensive yet concise stats, identifying the top plays of the day is quick and easy. Not only does Daily Fantasy Nerd help you create lineups in a short amount of time, but they also give you tools to track, compare and examine your results.

This review will cover Daily Fantasy Nerd in-depth and give insight on everything the site has to offer. We will examine the optimizer, bankroll tracker, analysis option and much more.

Enough talking, let’s get right into it!

Daily Fantasy Nerd Features

As mentioned above, Daily Fantasy Nerd isn’t a DFS gaming site. Instead, it offers tools that will help you in your DFS adventures.

Essentially, DFNerd only has two tools, although they’re both powerful. They are the Lineup Optimizer and Bankroll Tracker. Let’s take a look at each.

Lineup Optimizer

Daily Fantasy Nerd’s lineup optimizer is extremely quick and easy to use and spits out 40 lineups in a matter of seconds.

By selecting the optimizer, you then have the option to choose which daily fantasy sports site you wish to focus on and also which sport. Currently, Daily Fantasy Nerd is only compatible with FanDuel, DraftKings and Yahoo at the moment.

They cater to the 4 main sports, MLB, NBA, NHL, and NFL but are looking to expand to more sports in the future. Daily Fantasy Nerd encourages users to email their support team with any suggestions for future additions that could be added to improve the site.

Once you have selected your DFS platform and sports, the page will look something like this:

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Here you have a few awesome tools that will help the optimizer work in the most optimal manner for you. This page includes Vegas totals, weather, optimizer functions and player projections. Let’s examine each one so we can really get a feel for all they have to offer.

Vegas totals and Weather

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The Vegas and weather function is very basic but delivers the key information like win percentages, over/under, temperatures, wind speed/direction and chance of rain. Although it includes important information, many sites have a much more in-depth Vegas and weather page.

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To get a more in-depth look at the weather forecast, simply click one of the games and a hourly report appears.

Optimizer Functions

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This is where you can really customize what the optimizer spits out and get your exact wants and needs.


While many daily fantasy sites and tools offer projections, Daily Fantasy Nerd includes several unique features that stand out in the crowd.

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A lot of sites have a “like” feature where when you like a player, they will now be in more of your lineups, and that is the same for Daily Fantasy Nerd. The really cool thing about their like feature is that you can see how many other people in the community liked that player or any player in the pool for that matter.

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This feature gives you a chance to check your research and see if you are on some of the same plays as other people in the industry. It also gives you a chance to see if there are plays that you missed and you can then go back and examine them in more detail.

Daily Fantasy Nerd provides their projections and also give you the option to change or upload your own. Furthermore, users can upload their own projections and apply different weights to the various sources to favor specific experts/sources.

After you get the projections, likes and optimizer functions set up, you are ready to get your optimal lineups. The projections are updated several times per day

In just a matter of seconds, Daily Fantasy Nerd spits out 40 optimal lineups and you can adjust them from there.

Bankroll Tracker

The bankroll tracker is a great tool for the professional daily fantasy sports player or anyone really looking to improve their game selection. In a matter of minutes, the bankroll tracker will examine your DFS results and let you know which contests you perform good/bad at.

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Using a bankroll tracker is very important in DFS and will show you where you are profitable and where you are losing money. This will help you make your best decisions when game selecting and should be used by anyone who takes or is looking to take daily fantasy sports seriously.

Projection Analysis

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The projection analysis tool gives you a chance to examine how well Daily Fantasy Nerd projections are performing and/or your projections. It’s only available in the site’s “MVP” subscription plan, but is a helpful way to see how accurate your projections actually are over time and help you make adjustments.

Premium Plans

Daily Fantasy Nerd offers three paid plans, currently priced at $19.99, $34.99 and $69.99. These are monthly subscription fees. The higher tiers offer additional features and higher usage limits. For example, the lowest plan offers 10 lineup optimizations, while the highest offers 40 lineup optimizations.

The nice thing is they offer a FREE 7-day trial regardless of which plan you choose and this gives you a great opportunity to try the product before spending any money on it.

Aside from the free trial, there is also a free membership tier that provides access to all data, one free lineup optimization per day, and access to the bankroll tracker for up to 1000 result entries.


Daily Fantasy Nerd is similar to the many content and projections sites out there in the industry but offers a few different features that are only found on their platform. To really get the full use out of Daily Fantasy Nerd, you will need to pay for one of their 3 plans. Overall, the site is very simple to use, easy and quick to learn and sticks to their motto of “Think of us as the genius nerd analyst you wish you’ve always had.”

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