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You may not have heard of Bally Bet, but chances are you will soon. Bally Bet is an online sports betting company that is ready for its moment. The Bally brand has been around in some form for several decades. Bally’s was recently purchased by a casino company based in Rhode Island that has big plans to take the brand to the next level. Their actions are matching their words, because Bally’s is on a spending spree, snapping up casinos across the country and rebranding all of them using the Bally’s brand. 

Combined with the introduction of Bally Bet, a solid online sportsbook, Bally’s seems to be positioning itself as a new contender in the online sports betting industry. We expect Bally Bet to grow and expand a great deal in 2022, so it makes sense to go over the pluses and minuses of the sportsbook along with where we expect it to go live next.

We will also look at its new customer promotions, the sports and betting markets offered, banking options, rewards program, how its app fares with other top mobile sportsbooks, and more about how the company got here and what we expect from it in 2022 and beyond.

Bally Bet New Customer Promotion

Bally Bet offers a new customer bonus credit, which hits the sweet spot for a new customer promotion. Bonus bets are all the rage these days in the sportsbook world. They give new customers a chance to try out the sportsbook knowing that their first bet is on the house. Here’s how the Bally Bet bonus bet works:

Sign up for an account

This is the easy part. The first step is to create a username and password. Once you have completed that step, you will need to add some additional information, including your name and street address. You do have to provide some additional personal information, including the last four digits of your social security number. This is to verify your identity and confirm that you are eligible to create an account. They use industry-leading security software to protect all their customer information. 

Bally Bet Sign up Page
Bally Bet Sign up Page

Make a deposit

After signing up, you’re now up and running with a brand new Bally Bet account. Now you need to fund it so you can start making some wagers. If you’re wavering about how much to put in, we highly recommend considering the amount of your first deposit– that will determine your bet credit amount. 

Place your wager

After making your deposit, find a bet you want to make. There is no minimum on the bet you can make, so feel free to take that -425 favorite if you like. As long as your bet is not over +300, you’re all set. Once you find the bet you want to make, pull the trigger. If you have 5 bets on your betslip, the first one on the slip will be covered. You can bet on a parlay or teaser if you like, but the total odds has to be below +300. 

If you win your bet, great. You’re off and running, ready to make another wager. If you don’t win your first bet, no worries. Bally Bet will quickly add the bonus amount to your account. There are a few things to remember before firing off your next bet with the credit. First, your credit will expire after 7 days, so you don’t have any time to waste. Second, you cannot partially redeem a bonus bet credit. It’s all or nothing. Third, if your bonus bet wins, you get paid out the winnings but not the original credit amount.

Additional New Customer Promotions

Most sportsbooks are content to offer a single new customer promotion and call it a day. Not Bally Bet. They are raising the bar by offering a second new customer promotion. Seriously. How about a sign-up bonus in addition to a bonus bet? Done.

Once you sign up for an account, Bally Bet will deposit bet credits in your account as a bonus bet credit. Use it to make one bonus bet on whatever sport or market you like, the only stipulation being that the maximum payout can’t be over +300. We can’t guarantee that this promotion will be around when you sign up for a Bally Bet account because it is technically a limited time deal. If it isn’t there anymore, chances are that a great promotion bonus will be waiting for you in addition to the aforementioned risk-free first bet when you download the app or check out the homepage. 

States Where Bally Bet is Live

The list of states where Bally Bet is live has grown in 2023. Bally Bet isn’t quite a juggernaut yet, but it has aspirations of becoming one, with the deep pockets and business strategy required to steadily grow and gain market share. We will update page when Bally Bet goes live in new states.  


Like many sportsbooks, Bally Bet began in Colorado, going live in the state on May 24, 2021. Unlike many sportsbooks that operate in the Centennial State, Bally’s actually owns its Bally Bet retail casino partner. Bally’s bought three Black Hawk casinos that are right next to each other and renamed them Bally’s Black Hawk North, West, and East, respectively. Bally’s may not get points for creative naming, but the retail sportsbooks are very nice. 


Bally’s owns exactly zero casinos in Iowa, but they do own Bet.Works, a technology provider used by several casinos in the state to power their respective retail sportsbooks. Elite Casino Resorts is one of those casinos, using Bet.Works to manage pricing and bet processing for both its retail and online sportsbooks. This partnership likely led Elite to allow Bally Bet to enter the state as Elite’s online skin. Bally Bet went live on June 29, 2021. 


Bally Bet announced a partnership with the Phoenix Mercury, the city’s WNBA franchise. As luck would have it, the Mercury qualify for an Arizona sports betting license as a professional sports franchise. Bally Bet is their partner and the first gaming partner of any WNBA team. Bally Bet went live in the Grand Canyon State in February 2022.


Bally’s applied for a license for Bally Bet in Virginia and received approval in March 2021. Bally subsequently went live in Virginia the day before Thanksgiving later that same year.


As part of its recent buying spree, Bally’s purchased the Tropicana Evansville from Caesars Entertainment in June 2021. The large casino and hotel is now known as Bally’s Evansville, and is conveniently the casino partner for Bally Bet. Bally Bet launched in Indiana in December 2022.

New York

Bally Bet is one of just nine mobile operators licensed in New York. They were picked by state regulators and were the last one of the nine sportsbooks to launch, going live in July 2022.

StateRetail PartnerLaunch Date
ColoradoBally’s Black HawkMay 2021
IowaElite Casino ResortJune 2021
ArizonaPhoenix MercuryFebruary 2022
New YorkN/AJuly 2022
IllinoisBally’s Quad CitiesTBA
IndianaBally’s EvansvilleDecember 2021
LouisianaEldorado Casino ResortTBA
New JerseyBally’s Atlantic City (estimated)TBA
PennsylvaniaYet to be completed casino in State CollegeTBA
VirginiaN/ANovember 2021

States Where Bally Bet is Coming 

We compiled this list by doing some investigative reporting, which mainly consisted of going to the Bally corporate website and copying down all the states where Bally Bet is listed as Coming Soon. We also pontificate a bit on states where we think Bally Bet would be a good fit. All in all, it’s an impressive list. If Bally Bet does go live in all these states by the end of 2022, the company will definitely be a sizable presence in the sports betting landscape. 


As part of its recent buying spree, Bally’s corporation purchased Jumer’s Casino and Hotel in Rock Island and renamed it Bally’s Quad Cities. In Illinois, as in many other states, online sportsbook operators must partner with a retail casino. Since Bally’s now owns a retail casino in Illinois, we expect Bally Bet to go live in the state sometime in 2022. 


Bally’s owns the Eldorado Resort in Shreveport. Louisiana legalized sports betting was in 2021, and each existing casino qualifies for a sports betting license, including two online skins. Louisiana’s sports betting market will see rapid growth in 2022, and we expect Bally Bet to be a player in the state, particularly because they own the regional sports channel that features New Orleans Pelicans NBA games and will be able to easily promote the sportsbook during high-profile broadcasts.

New Jersey

New Jersey is already just about saturated with online sportsbooks, but Bally’s does have a large casino in Atlantic City that the company is spending big bucks to renovate and revitalize. A Bally Bet retail sportsbook would make sense, but Bally’s Casino in Atlantic City already has a FanDuel retail sportsbook at the property. However, FanDuel is not the online partner of Bally’s AC (they have a hugely successful partnership with the Meadowlands Racetrack), so Bally Bet can still come to the state, which it likely will sometime in 2022.


Bally’s is currently constructing a retail casino in the State College area. Barring any unforeseen delays, the mini-casino should open sometime in 2022. They will have to wait until the casino is open before bringing Bally Bet to the state, because Pennsylvania state regulations require all online sportsbooks to have a retail casino partner. 


This one could be a bit further off, but it’s not unreasonable to assume that Bally Bet will be in Tennessee at some point. Tennessee does not have a casino tethering requirement and sportsbooks operate online-only because there are no casinos in the state. Bally’s also recently announced a sports betting partnership with the Nashville Predators. Tennessee has to be in the long-range plans of Bally’s and Bally Bet. 

Bally Bet Browser Review

Most sportsbooks have very similar browser and app versions. Usually, the app looks like an extension of the browser version. A few sportsbooks don’t even have a browser version at all, preferring to be app-only. This makes sense because in most states over 80 percent of all sports betting is done online, and a strong majority of those online bets are done by smartphone. 

Bally Bet has both a browser version and an app, and they are not similar. In fact, they look quite different. The app is much more visually appealing and easier to use. We will get into the app in a moment, but let’s go over the browser version of Bally Bet. 

Honestly, it is in the bottom tier of online sportsbooks. Its graphics aren’t very impressive and the live betting function is limited, to say the least. During testing, there were about two dozen pre-game player props available for a low-profile NBA game. While lower in number than other sportsbooks, the pricing was competitive.

During the game, however, there were only 6-8 available wagers, all of which were related to the score of the game. Additionally, the scoring did not seem to update in real time. DraftKings, as a comparison, had dozens of wagers available for the same game, including alternate lines, race to 20 points, next team to score, and many more. It was almost like comparing a Ferrari to a Kia. Both are cars, but one is much more impressive than the other.  

More on Bally Bet browser version

That said, everything you need to make bets on the biggest sports is available on Bally Bet. The lines are competitive and it is easy to add to your betslip and make a wager. If you don’t expect too much from Bally Bet, you might not be let down.

Same-game parlays? Technically yes, but they are not promoted and are limited in availability. Rugby, cricket, or other lesser-known sports? Nope. Impressive live betting product? Nope. But it does have player prop bets, live betting, plenty of pregame wagering options, and an easy to use interface that looks like it was designed in 2005.

We aren’t trying to bury Bally Bet here, but you should know that it is fair, but nowhere near as impressive as the leading online sportsbooks like FanDuel, BetMGM, and Caesars Sportsbook

Bally Bet Website
Bally Bet Website

Bally Bet Mobile App Review

We are happy to report that the mobile app is much better than the browser version of Bally Bet. First of all, it just plain looks better. The fonts are modern and the buttons and tabs are easy to read, albeit with a ridiculously small font. You’re going to need your reading glasses to read the numbers.

The top sports are listed in a row across the top of the screen, although during testing MLB and WNBA were still there even though their seasons recently ended, but that is a minor quibble. Promotions are listed below, most of which offer a fair bit of value. Under that, the day’s upcoming high-profile games are listed, all of which are just a scroll away. 

The sports and games aren’t hard to find, but, as mentioned, if you want to find lesser-known sports you are sadly out of luck. Interesting bets like first quarter lines, alternate lines, and player props are available, but these exotic bet types are confusingly listed as part of the sports tab.

If you want to check out the week’s NFL lines, you can click on the “Pro Football Game Lines” tab, which displays all the prop bets. Click on a prop bet type such as “Team to Score First” and nothing comes up. A few of the other tabs are populated with limited bet options, which makes this whole thing curiously inconsistent. This isn’t a deal-breaker, but it does show a lack of detail that makes Bally Bet a step below the market leaders. 

That said, if you want to bet on the biggest games in the biggest sports here in America, Bally Bet is a fair option. The prices are the same or even a little better than the competition, and all the standard bet types are available. Just don’t expect to find different options like a bunch of same-game parlays and creative player props. If you keep it simple by checking out the promotions, using your bonus bet that you got from signing up with RotoGrinders, making a few bets, and hopefully enjoying your profits, Bally Bet is a good option. 

Bally Bet Mobile App
Bally Bet Mobile App

Sports Available on Bally Bet

By now you probably get the idea that Bally Bet doesn’t offer the most extensive selection of sports. This is true, but that only matters if you really like to bet on low-profile sports like Russian hockey and Indian cricket. Most bettors will be fine with the sports available on Bally Bet, which includes all the biggest names, such as:

Markets Available on Bally Bet

A market is a type of wager available to bet on. We could just call this segment “types of wagers” but we like to help people learn new things, so we went with Markets. Speaking of learning new things, lots of people are learning about same-game parlays and live betting, two of the most popular markets these days.

Same-game parlays are not advertised on Bally Bet, but during testing we were able to combine two or more live betting options on an NBA game into a parlay. Live betting is available but it is not as extensive as other sites. Additionally, the live betting interface is clunky and doesn’t look great. But the prices are generally decent, so it is still worth checking out as part of a line-shopping strategy. Here are all the markets available on Bally Bet:

Bally Bet Banking Options

Banking options aren’t the most important part of a sportsbook, but the options are definitely important. If a sportsbook doesn’t offer a wide range of deposit and withdrawal options, it limits how customers can access their accounts, which, in turn, could turn off people who may otherwise want to give the company a shot. Bally Bet only offers three deposit options, which is on the very low end.

This is disappointing, particularly because they do not have an eWallet option like Skrill or PayPal. The three deposit options available include debit/credit cards, Play+ branded prepaid cards, and instant bank transfer. That’s it. Withdrawal options include instant bank transfer, Play+ prepaid card, and cash at the casino cage. 

Bally Bet Rewards/Loyalty Program

Casinos have had loyalty programs for decades. It makes sense for them to reward their loyal customers, many of whom stick to their favorite casino or even their favorite machine. If you gamble for a while you can rack up some serious benefits, including free meals or even a night at the casino hotel.

Sportsbooks have slowly been introducing rewards programs to reward their best customers. This is usually in the form of extending the existing casino rewards program to the sportsbook, as we have seen with BetMGM and Caesars. Bally Bet is no different. Bally Bet uses the Bally Rewards program that casino players have been signing up for at Bally’s casinos throughout the country. This rewards program is nice, but it offers little value to most sports bettors. Here’s why:

If you want to bet $100 on an NFL game and decide to take the points on a regular spread bet, you will earn 50 reward points (1 point for each $2 wagered). If you are feeling adventurous and want to make a parlay bet, you will earn 1 point for each $2 wagered x the number of legs.

So if you make a $50 4-leg parlay, you earn 100 points (25 points x 4 legs). 100 points sounds pretty good until you learn that it takes 2000 points to earn one dollar ($1) in free play and 4000 points to earn $1 in cash at the casino. So you have to bet $1000 in straight bets to earn a single dollar in free play. This is a very bad deal unless you also like to play casino games and only use Bally Bet for your sportsbook and casino play. Even then, the actual rewards you will gain are minimal.