BetSaracen Online Sportsbook Promo Code & Review 2024

BetSaracen Sportsbook Promo Code & Review

BetSaracen is not a major sports betting company in the U.S. Nor will it ever be. But BetSaracen may become a major sportsbook in Arkansas.

BetSaracen is the online addition to the Pine Bluff-based Saracen Casino Resort, one of just three casinos in Arkansas.

Due to Arkansas’ unique gambling laws, while we may not see the company in other states, we will definitely see BetSaracen at or near the top of the revenue charts in the Razorback state for many years to come. Follow along as we review the BetSaracen promo code, software, its new customer promotions, why it is only available in Arkansas, bet types, banking options, and much more. Let’s get started.

BetSaracen Sportsbook Promo

BetSaracen has a terrific introductory promotion for those new to its sportsbook, which likely includes many in Arkansas. How does a first deposit match sound? Pretty good, eh? Well that’s what BetSaracen is offering, and there is no catch. Soon RotoGrinders will have an exclusive promo code, so stay tuned for the top BetSaracen promo code. Until then, here are the details:

  1. Sign up for an account. We will go over how to do that in the next section. 
  2. Make a deposit. You can deposit up to the specific amount mentioned in BetSaracen’s promotion.
  3. Start betting. Your first bet is matched!
  4. There is no fourth step, but there is one thing to remember: Before you can withdraw any bonus funds, you need to “play through” or wager the total amount of your first deposit plus the bonus match. You need to wager double your initial deposit (deposit + match) within 30 days before you can withdraw any of the bonus funds. After you’ve wagered the necessary amount, all the bonus winnings are yours to keep!

Signing Up For a BetSaracen Sportsbook Account

Now that we have your attention with the great BetSaracen new customer promotion, let’s go over how to sign up for an account, complete with visual aids. 

The first step is to create a username and password. Remember that your username may be seen by others, so you might want to keep it somewhat appropriate. But we don’t judge, so if you really like bananas and want your username to be “ilovebananas,” hey, go for it.

BetSaracen sign-up information.
The first step to creating an account is entering a username and password

After that, it’s time to enter your first and last name along with your date of birth, email address, physical address, phone number, and the last four digits of your SSN. Giving any company personal information is always a bit stressful, but you can rest assured that BetSaracen used industry-leading software to keep your personal and financial information secure. Additionally, the State of Arkansas has strict rules about information security that all sportsbooks must abide by. Your information is safe with BetSaracen.

Opening a BetSaracen sportsbook account.
BetSaracen requires this contact information.
Your personal information is safe when claiming the BetSaracen promo.
Your personal information is safe with BetSaracen

After that, you’re almost done. All you need to do is add answers to two security questions and accept the Terms and Conditions. Once you click the Sign Up button, BetSaracen will quickly confirm your age and identity, and if everything lines up, you’ll be ready to make a deposit and start wagering.

BetSaracen account security questions.
BetSaracen terms and conditions.
Six quick steps to sign up for an account

More on BetSaracen Sportsbook

We know that BetSaracen is the first online sportsbook to open up in Arkansas. We also know that, most likely, it will remain only in Arkansas. BetSaracen exists because the Saracen Casino Resort decided to create its own sportsbook rather than partner with an existing online brand like FanDuel or BetMGM. We have seen this in a few states, most notably Colorado and Arizona. Casinos or tribes in those states qualify for a sports betting license but decide to leverage their own brand rather than use an online skin for their license. This has advantages and disadvantages but can be profitable and advantageous for bettors if done right. 

Casinos that create their own betting app/website generally partner with a technology provider to provide them the odds and manage the back-end stuff that the customer never sees. Casinos that aren’t already in the sports betting business don’t have the time or manpower to employ research teams and decide what the odds should be for every matchup. Technology partners like Kambi or GAN are experts in the field of oddsmaking and can power any branded website with competitive odds and a wide variety of wagering opportunities. 

BetSaracen Technology Partner

BetSaracen decided to partner with Amelco-UK, a global technology company that creates “sportsbook solutions.” Basically, BetSaracen will decide which sports they want to offer and Amelco-UK will do the rest, from pricing to operations management. This way BetSaracen pays a fee for Amelco’s services but doesn’t have to share in the profits, which is a common arrangement among casino licensees and online sportsbook operators.  

Sports Betting in Arkansas

BetSaracen is one of only four sportsbooks licensed to operate in Arkansas. Arkansas is more on the conservative side, and gambling aside from horse racing has been limited in the state. There are four existing casinos (technically three and one that hasn’t been built yet) in the state, and the legislature has shown little interest in expanding that number. Legislative leaders did, however, decide that each casino could have a sports betting license. This was a frustrating defeat for the online sportsbooks and their supporters who wanted the state to open its doors to a fully competitive market with unlimited licenses like neighboring Tennessee. 

Right now, in addition to BetSaracen there are two other retail sportsbook and online sportsbook app available in Arkansas. Southland Casino Racing, a racino in West Memphis, has partnered with Betly for both its retail and online sportsbooks. Betly started in West Virginia but recently expanded to Tennessee and has been steadily growing as a mid-level sportsbook.

Additionally, Oaklawn horse track has its own in-house sportsbook similar to BetSaracen. It is called Oaklawn Sports and it launched in late 2022. For the foreseeable future, bettors in Arkansas have only those three options to choose from.

Legends Casino Resort has a license for both a casino and a sportsbook, but it doesn’t exist yet. The plans are in place but construction has yet to begin. This page will be updated when/if Legends finally opens its doors.

BetSaracen Sportsbook Available States

Not much of a list. But that’s because BetSaracen and the Saracen Casino Resort aren’t planning to expand beyond Arkansas. This is a good thing for bettors in Arkansas, because Saracen will pour its efforts and budget into making BetSaracen the best sportsbook possible for the people of its home state. We predict many Arkansas-specific wagers and promotions, particularly during SEC football season in the fall.

BetSaracen Sportsbook App and Browser Review

BetSaracen Browser Review

The BetSaracen experience is a familiar one. The layout is similar to other sportsbooks, which is not unusual because there are only so many ways you can lay out a sportsbook. The top live and upcoming events are listed on the home page, and each sport is easily accessible in a row at the top of the page and on the left side of the browser.

The number of bets available for each game is respectable and on par with other major sportsbooks. During testing, an upcoming NBA Finals game had a wide variety of player and game props available. The prices also matched up closely with what DraftKings was offering, with some of the player prop bets even being a better value than the competition.

One good thing about BetSaracen is the integration of game data. Many sportsbooks use real-time data, but only a few display it in a visually appealing manner. Every major event on BetSaracen features a layout that shows bettors what is happening in the game in real time. Every pitch in an MLB game is tracked and every shot in a NHL or NBA game is shown in a way that is easy to follow. This is a great way to add value and make it easier for bettors to get down their live-betting wagers on the action in real-time as it unfolds.

BetSaracen features
BetSaracen features real-time stats and makes it easy to follow the action

BetSaracen App Review

The app is easy to use and features all the upcoming games on the home page. The numbers are easy to read, which may not seem like a big deal until you open up a sportsbook app with tiny numbers that are hard to read. Prop bets for all the games are available by clicking “More Bets” in the corner of the listed game. The live in-game tracker that separates BetSaracen from the competition is also available on the app, and there are no latency issues.

The sports and events are accessible on a row across the top of the screen, right above the rotating promotion banner. Odds are quickly updated in real time and everything can be found quickly without much confusion. One drawback of the app is the betslip. It is hidden up in the top right corner and you have to click on it to see your bets. It does not automatically appear when you click on a bet you want to make. That may not seem like a huge deal, but if you’re betting on games that are happening, it’s important to get the bets locked in quickly before the line changes. Any additional steps could result in a price change or the bet becoming unavailable before you can confirm it.

BetSaracen betting lines and software.
The BetSaracen app is easy to navigate

Available Sports on BetSaracen Sportsbook

Honestly, this was a big letdown. Hopefully there will be more sports added in the future, but during testing there were just 11 sports offered on BetSaracen. This number is far below other sportsbooks, many of which have two dozen or more sports available depending on time of year. Of course, not everyone wants to bet on darts or table tennis, but we at RotoGrinders are of the belief that sportsbooks should offer the widest variety of sports possible. Regardless, the big sports are definitely available on BetSaracen, including:

BetSaracen Available Bet Types

The available sports on BetSaracen may be lacking, but they somewhat make up for it by offering all the most common bet types. The live betting option is particularly appealing, with even low-profile games like a midweek MLB matchup chock full of different real-time wagering opportunities. Here are the types of bets available on BetSaracen:

BetSaracen Sportsbook Banking Options

BetSaracen offers just about as many different deposit and withdrawal options as the other major sportsbooks. Bettors familiar with other legal sportsbooks will be familiar with the banking options available at BetSaracen and should have no problem quickly and easily making deposits and withdrawals. The banking options include:

BetSaracen Deposit and Withdrawal options
BetSaracen has many deposit and withdrawal options available

BetSaracen Sportsbook Customer Service

Customer service is important to every business. If people can’t get answers to the questions they have, they may go somewhere else. Most sportsbooks have an FAQ section and several ways for customers to get the help they need. BetSaracen is no different, offering a live chat option that has become table stakes in the sports betting customer service world. Its FAQ section is quite underwhelming, however, so we hope it will be built out soon. Email and a phone number are also available. The bottom line is you probably won’t be able to find an answer to your question on the BetSaracen website, but you have several options to get your question answered.

BetSaracen Sportsbook FAQ

Where is BetSaracen available?

Right now BetSaracen is only available in Arkansas. This is because it is the official online sportsbook of Saracen Casino Resort, which has a single location in Pine Bluff, AR. Saracen Casino is owned by the Quapaw Nation, an Oklahoma Indian tribe that also owns two large casinos in that state. If sports betting ever comes to Oklahoma, it is possible that BetSaracen will be in the state, but for now we don’t expect the brand to expand beyond Arkansas.

What makes BetSaracen better (or worse) than other sportsbook apps?

BetSaracen is similar to most other sportsbook apps in many ways, but its live betting platform is better than most of the competition. BetSaracen also has competitive prices and a solid new customer promotion. It is worth checking out to grab the promotions and compare odds for upcoming big events. BetSaracen falls short in the variety of sports available. During testing, BetSaracen only had 11 sports available to wager on, which was far less than the 19 sports available on DraftKings the same day. If you’re looking for lesser-known sports, you will be disappointed with the offerings on BetSaracen.

What promotions does BetSaracen offer?

While we expect BetSaracen to offer additional promotions like odds boosts or bonus bets in the future, the best new customer promotion offered by BetSaracen is a great first-deposit match. Once you make your first deposit at BetSaracen, the sportsbook will match it with bonus credits. What a deal! Once you bet through the deposit and bonus funds one time, all the winnings are yours to keep. This is a low play-through requirement and a solid new customer promotion that is worth taking advantage of.

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