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Circa is an ambitious sports betting brand making huge strides into the legal market. After opening what’s reported to be the “World’s Largest Sportsbook” in Las Vegas, Circa is now expanding online operations into states with legal gambling on the books, beginning with Colorado and Iowa.

The brainchild of sports betting aficionados, this focused betting platform is tailor-made for sports fans looking for a no-nonsense book that aims to give its customers good prices, high limits, and lots of wagering options.

Circa Promo Code Details

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Circa Sports Promo Code

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Circa Sportsbook Welcome Offer

We’re still waiting for this growing sports betting brand to put some promotions on the books for new and existing users. When Circa does add some kind of enticing welcome offer for customers, it will probably look like one of the following:

Bonus Bet Insured Welcome Offer

The most common type of welcome offer available on mobile sportsbooks and desktop sites are “bonus bet insured” bonus offers. Basically, once you make your first ever real money wager with the sportsbook, the platform will monitor that bet. If it clears as a loss, the sportsbook will refund you up to 100% of that wager in the form of betting credit. As you still have to put down real money and can lose the wager if you use your bonus credit to bet on a losing team, it’s not strictly without risk, but this offer is a great way to get your foot in the door.

For example, let’s say Circa were to offer a first bet up to $500, receive a bonus bet if your first bet fell short on signup. These offers usually expire within a few days of opening your new account, so for the sake of example, let’s say you place your first real money wager that same day.

You bet $500 on a single moneyline bet for the Nuggets to win against the Lakers. Denver loses. Once the bet clears as a loss, based on playthrough requirements, Circa will add $500 worth of betting credit to your account that can be used to wager on another single bet (in some cases, the betting credits can be used on more than one bet).

Again, this is theoretical, but will likely be the process for securing this welcome offer if Circa goes with a bonus bet welcome offer.

Bonus Bets

Another common welcome offer comes in the form of bonus bets. Sometimes these bet credits are paired with a “bonus bet insured” welcome offer, and other times they come as promotions in tandem with events or to promote specific teams.

At any rate, access to bonus bets usually requires no deposit. These smaller denominations of betting credit can be used on specific lines and matches throughout the year. For example, many bonus bet credits come in the form of $10 pregame bets and $10 live bets which can only be spent on those markets.

Boosted Bets / Discounted Lines

Look for odds boosts or discounted juice when betting with a given online sportsbook. Juice is the industry term for the cost of a bet, also called the “vig”.

Sportsbooks need to pay the bills just like any other establishment, so how do they do it? They add a small charge to each side of the bet so that each side pays a little bit to use the service. You’ll see this built into the cost of a bet by taking a look at the odds, the negative or positive number representing the expected probability for a team to win, cover the spread, etc.

Some sportsbooks offer boosts on these odds, which essentially discount the cost of the bet or improve your potential overall payout if you win. These more than any other promotion are hunted by savvy sports bettors, so if you see some boosted lines, definitely take a look.

Who can bet with Circa Sports?

In order to sign up with Circa Sports and start betting on your favorite sports, you’ll need to meet all the eligibility requirements to create your account. They include:

How to Set Up Your Account

Setting up your Circa account is a breeze. First, decide which platform you’d like to use and download the appropriate app or visit the Circa website on your desktop.

Android users have to go to the Circa sportsbook website to download the app, which is not available in the Google Play store. This is an extra step but it’s an easy one. The app is easily found on the Circa website through your Android phone’s browser. Be sure to find the app for the right state. Like many sportsbooks, each state has its own app.

iOS users can simply download the Circa Sports app from the App Store. Make sure to download the appropriate app for your preferred state.

Once you’re on your chosen platform, you’ll need to provide:

With all of this information in hand, follow these steps:

  1. Tap or hit Join Now at the top.
  2. Fill in your personal details, including your email address and preferred password.
  3. Enter your address, phone, and the last four digits of your SSN.
  4. Confirm that you are of legal age and eligibility to bet and that you agree to the terms and conditions.
  5. Hit “Create Account”

Verifying your location

You’ll need to verify your location in order to legally wager with real money using Circa. To do that, either download the required Geolocation plugin for desktop browsers, or enable location services on your Circa Sports app. This is required in order to wager with real money, so make sure you’re sharing your location and you’re physically in one of Circa Sports’ eligible states to continue.

Where can I get online with Circa Sports?

StateBonusPromo CodeCasino PartnerLaunch Date
NevadaComing SoonComing SoonCirca Casino2019
ColoradoComing SoonComing SoonCentury Casino Cripple Creek, Century Casino Central CityMay 1, 2020
IowaComing SoonComing SoonWild Rose Casino & ResortOctober 16, 2021
IllinoisComing SoonComing SoonFull House ResortsTBD




Illinois (coming soon)



The Circa Sports platform is available on desktop, iOS, and Android.

Mobile Platforms

Circa Sports Mobile App

We’ve been emphasizing that the Circa Sports platform is clearly influenced by their founders, who are die-hard fans of sports betting. Taking a look at their mobile platform, we can see why this reputation is fitting.

No flash, just straightforward stats and competitive odds pricing await users of the Circa sports mobile app. The betslip gives numerous options for calculating payouts, and the lines are displayed clearly with a focus on the data. This is perhaps one of the cleanest and best-functioning mobile apps we’ve seen on the market in some time.

Teasers, parlays, and round robins are intuitive and easy to figure on the mobile betslip, and the ability to switch between markets (including live and futures) is dumb simple. Overall, even if you plan on playing on desktop, the Circa Sports app is a compact companion, and a great way to keep on top of your bets.

Playing Circa on Desktop

Circa Sports Desktop Website

As this operator is laser-focused on offering competitive pricing and a clear and legible sports betting platform, there’s not much difference between the mobile app and the desktop version. Everything is where you’d expect it to be, and the betslip is just as functional for both entry-level and more complex betting styles on desktop as it is on mobile.

The major difference between any mobile sports betting app and their desktop companions will be breathing room: more space means a less constricting interface. However, Circa uses such a simple and clear interface across platforms that this wasn’t really an issue. In the case of choosing which device to access Circa Sports on, it’s really a matter of what feels comfortable to you.

What’s Good About Circa Sports?

Circa Sports is attempting to revolutionize the sports betting industry by putting a focus on existing customers and offering the most competitive pricing and limits on the market. Here are just a few of the reasons why Circa is turning heads in the industry:

Circa Sportsbook Looking Ahead

While Circa seems to be holding firm in two states, with a third to come soon, will the platform be expanding anytime soon? Nothing is public yet, but there’s one thing that we can look to for an indication of where Circa might be heading next: owner Derek Stevens came to Las Vegas from Detroit. See what we’re getting at?

Now that there’s a growing sports betting market in Michigan, it’s not outside of the realm of possibility for Mr. Stevens to take home field advantage and perhaps try to open a Circa Sportsbook in his state.

Available Markets and Bets

Circa’s focus is on what’s popular and what the fans want. For this reason, it’s believed that more niche events and international markets aren’t as likely to come to the Circa platform. When you are ready to bet, the following markets are available:

Available Betting Types

As this is a betting platform by fans, for fans, you can expect a wide variety of all the bets you’d expect, including:


Having a good variety of banking options is super important when you’re looking for a sportsbook with whom to wager your hard-earned cash. You’ll want to see credit and debit offered as well as some third-party payment options. Circa limits itself to two options:

We’re hoping that Circa is able to expand their available banking options in the near future. However, the Play+ card is pretty versatile, and does allow you to use credit/debit cards, online banking, and PayPal to fund the prepaid account.

Other Promotions / Rewards

Sometimes, sports betting websites will offer a loyalty or rewards program to existing users. It’s not as common as it is with online casinos, but still can be found from time to time.

These rewards systems are a great way for existing users of a betting service to get exclusive promotions and VIP services just for spending money on the platform. As you spend money and earn rewards points, your accrued points will get you to higher and higher tier levels, which grant you more benefits. The more you use the platform, the more you can earn in extras.

Circa doesn’t participate in a rewards program at the moment, but if this gets added, we’ll let you know.

A Brief History of Circa

Circa started as an in-person sportsbook location in downtown Las Vegas. Operated and directed by industry pros and sports fanatics, Circa set out to be one of the most customer-focused books on the market.

Two distinguishing factors that set this brand apart: their passion for the in-person experience, and their focus on giving bettors the freedom to make bigger bets. With these things in mind, 2020 saw the groundbreaking Circa Sportsbook venue go live in Las Vegas, boasting three stories of screens in what has been referred to here and elsewhere as the “world’s largest sportsbook”, a hotly contended title.

Circa also offers some of the highest betting limits in the industry and will sometimes discount their bets so low that they actually lose money. One such No Juice promotion left the company six figures poorer in one day. However, this is all par for the course according to owner Derek Stevens, who states that the house isn’t always going to win, but he expects their innovative approach to bring in more bettors than the competition.

Time will tell for Mr. Stevens and the rest of the Circa team, but the recent opening of a massive, $1 billion Fremont Street location suggest that this innovative, no-fine-print approach is serving the operator well.

Help & Support

Support options are available, but relatively limited at Circa Sports.

Comparable sports wagering sites tend to offer live chat or phone support as well as email. You can always try tweeting @CircaSports, but for now, email and the FAQ are the only options for getting answers to your questions.

Circa Online Sportsbook FAQ

Why doesn’t Circa Sports offer promotions?

Circa Sports focuses their efforts on keeping their bet pricing low and their limits high. Opting for a welcome offer or some other kind of promotion would be a nice touch, but Circa is attempting to bring innovation to the market by shifting their focus from promos to pricing and limits. There have been discounted bet promotions like the aforementioned No Juice promotion, so keep an eye out for those.

What is ‘juice’?

Juice, also known as the vig, is an industry term referring to the percentage a bettor pays to place a given bet. You’ll see this reflected in the positive or negative odds next to your chosen line; typical pricing for a standard bet on a sports betting site hovers from 4 to 5 percent.

Why do I have to share my SSN/location?

In short, because it’s the law. In order for sportsbooks to verify that they’re only offering legal services and not scamming their customers, operators of sportsbooks must gather information to prove that their customers:

  1. Are of legal gambling age
  2. Are only placing real-money wagers from within the state.

Because of these federally and state-mandated restrictions, you’ll have to share the last four digits of your SSN (to prove your age and identity) and your location (to prove that you’re wagering from within the state listed on your online sportsbook of choice). This is a good thing– these protections ensure that your identity is safe on their encyrpted SSL servers.