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Are you an Indiana sports bettor and fan who wants to be able to easily place bets on your smartphone, tablet or computer? Good news: sports betting is a done deal in Indiana!

Even though Indiana is planning to have sport sbetting live by week 1 of the NFL season, it would still be helpful for us to tell Indiana lawmakers that we we’re very pleased about their decision to bring mobile and online sports betting to Indiana.

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With 14 casinos spread throughout the state, Indiana is no stranger to gambling, so it only made sense for it to take advantage of the United States Supreme Court’s decision to let states individually regulate sports betting. On Wednesday, May 8, 2019, mobile and online sports betting in Indiana became reality when Bill S552 was signed by Gov. Eric Holcomb.

In July 2019, the state began taking applications and issued 13 conditional sports betting licenses later that month. Sports betting is slated to begin September 1st if the casinos can get everything together in time.

Indiana Online Sports Betting Legislative Landscape

Here is a brief snapshot of Indiana’s legislative landscape as it pertains to sports betting:

  • PASPA is deemed unconstitutional in May 2018, opening the door for states to legalize sports betting.
  • Talks began in February 2019 about a huge gaming expansion bill that included sports betting, but more focused on the relocation of riverboat casinos to land based locations.
  • SB439 was proposed as a sports betting only bill, but failed to get out of committee
  • After much debate and many amendments, on April 9, 2019, the House Ways and Means Committee voted 17-6 for SB552 to be sent to the State House for debate and an eventual vote.
  • Repackaged as bill H 1015, the sports betting bill passed by a wide margin in both the Senate and in the House.
  • On Wednesday, May 8th, 2019, Gov. Eric Holcomb signed the bill, making Indiana the 10th state to legalize sports betting.
  • Indiana Gaming Commission began taking applications on July 1st, 2019 and issued 13 temporary sports betting licenses.

What Does Sports Betting in Indiana Look Like Under Bill HB 1015?

  • Launch date of September 1, 2019
  • Initial fee of $100,000 and annual license fee of 50,000 each year after.
  • Tax rate of 9.5%
  • 3.3% of this tax revenue would go to helping problem gamblers
  • No commissions for sports leagues and the use of “official league data” is not mandated
  • The bill allows for full-scale mobile and online sports betting in Indiana, and does not require in-person registration


Sports betting is exploding in the United States ever since PASPA, a 30 year old law that essentially banned sports betting in all but a few states, was deemed unconstitutional by the United States Supreme Court. New Jersey led the way opening its doors to sports betting almost immediately after the May 2018 decision. Since then, other states including West VirginiaDelaware and Pennsylvania have began taking bets.

Outlook for Online Sports Betting In Indiana

After a late July ICB meeting, it was announced that it is up to the sportsbook operators whether or not they will be ready by the projected September 1st retail launch date. The ICB also announced that they have no limits on online and mobile betting, but the operators must meet certain criteria before launch. These include:

  • Operators must prove they can operate a successful live sportsbook
  • Internal controls must be approved.
  • Must be certified by the Indiana Testing Lab.
  • Must have data center and server storage inspections.
  • Appropriate measures must be met for self-restrictions and voluntary exclusion programs.
  • Geolocation must be fully operational and proven to meet requirements.

Time seems to be of the essence if Indiana wants to take its first wagers by the proposed date of September 1st. The next meeting of the IGC is set for August 28, just days before the projected start date.

Indiana Betting History

Way back in 1851, the Indiana Constitution had language that banned lotteries. Although it didn’t expressly name casino-style gambling, the ban did also pertain to gambling of any kind. In 1988, Indiana voters approved lifting the ban which led the mayor of Indiana to push for casinos in his struggling city. The Indiana General Assembly left it again up to the voters, which approved the casino by a 60% margin. The city acquired 350 acres of land to be used for casino properties, and thus began the Indiana’s casino industry.

After many years of debates, the first riverboat casino opened in 1993. We saw 10 riverboat casinos built in the early 1990s. It wasn’t until 2004 that we saw the first land-based casino built in French Lick, Indiana. In 2007, the “Racino Law” was passed which allowed the states racetracks to install up to 2000 slot machines at their tracks.

The casino industry has expanded through the years and we now have one Native American casino, two land-based casinos, two racinos and nine riverboat casinos. Across the board, these 13 gambling establishments welcome sports betting and are excited to welcome online sports betting to Indiana.

Indiana Online Sports Betting FAQs

Is sports betting legal in Indiana?

Yes – Gov. Eric Holcomb signed the bill for retail, mobile and online sports betting into law on Wednesday, May 8, 2019.

Where will I be able to place a sports bet in Indiana when it does become legal?

In the state’s 13 casinos/racinos handle sports betting as well as anywhere you can find an internet connection.

What sports can I bet on?

Most likely all professional and collegiate sports, including American, European and other international markets.

When will sports betting in Indiana go live?

The target launch date for mobile and online sports betting in Indiana is September 1, 2019.

What types of bets will I be able to make?

Barring any major changes to the bill, you should have a wide array of betting options including:

  • Moneyline
  • Spread
  • Over/Under
  • Prop betting
  • Parlays

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