Sports betting is live in Oregon!

Oregon holds a unique position in the world of sports betting. This makes sense because it is a unique state in our country. From not being able to pump your own gas (as of mid-2023, you can pump your own gas!) to the lack of a sales tax to the quirky residents (and restaurants) of Portland, Oregonians have always done things their own way.

When it comes to legal sports betting, Oregon does have mobile betting, but there is only one operator and no betting on any college sports. A few states have given one operator monopoly status, but no other state prohibits all wagering on all college sports. (However, that doesn’t mean you can’t get in on the college action via fantasy prop sites like PrizePicks.)

On this page, we will get into the reasons for both, talk more about DFS and sports betting in Oregon, go over all the professional sports available for wagering, list available banking options, discuss the history of sports gambling in Oregon, and end with a special FAQ. Let’s get started.

Oregon DFS Prop Betting Sites

While the list of available sportsbooks in Oregon is short, sports fans can still play on their favorite daily fantasy sports sites like PrizePicks and Underdog Fantasy. There are also new, emerging DFS prop sites available in Oregon every day.

Unfortunately, DraftKings DFS contests are not live in Oregon. DraftKings halted their DFS offerings in the state when they began negotiations to take over the Oregon Lottery’s sports betting platform. (More on that in a bit.)

If you’re looking for traditional daily fantasy sports, you can sign up at FanDuel.

Best Promo Codes in Oregon

If you’re in Oregon, you can claim hundreds of dollars in bonus offers using all of our promo codes. Even better, if you’re a college sports fan, you can use these sites to pick props for college football and college basketball.

You can also get exclusive DFS and sports betting tips, analysis, and tools for all of these sites and more by subscribing to RotoGrinders Premium content!

History of Sports Betting in Oregon

In 1985, the Oregon state lottery was created. It proved to be extremely popular, generating millions for state government programs. In 1989, the lottery added a Sports Action game that allowed residents to wager on NFL parlays. This also proved to be popular, despite fierce opposition from the NFL itself. An NBA parlay option was added but was quickly discontinued due to lack of interest. NFL parlay betting continued, but the NCAA, which was at the time opposed to any form of sports betting, said that Oregon would not host any postseason tournaments as long as the Sports Action game was available. After a lot of back and forth in the state legislature, the game was discontinued after the 2006-2007 NFL season. The NCAA then brought March Madness to Portland just two years later in 2009.

Path to Legal Sports Betting in Oregon

Fast forward 10 years to 2019, and the country was in a post-PASPA world. Oregon officials determined that, because Sports Action was available after PASPA, the state already qualified for legal sports betting and did not need to pass new legislation in order to fully legalize sports betting. Therefore, the legislature decided that the Lottery would run an online sportsbook as a monopoly, with the revenue generated going to education programs, including higher education. This was (and still is) the main reason that college sports were prohibited from being offered.

How to Pick College Props on Oregon DFS Sites

Bet on Oregon player props at these sites.
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While you can’t bet against the spread of an Oregon Ducks college football game, there is still hope for you college sports fanatics. As we mentioned earlier, there are a growing number of DFS sites that are props-focused. These apps allow users to select multiple player props to create a “lineup”. Functioning much like traditional parlays that you see available at online sportsbooks, you must hit every prop pick to cash your lineup. The more picks you make, the larger the payout!

Keep in mind, you won’t find college player props to bet on at DraftKings Sportsbook, either. They are only available on select DFS sites, and they must be combined with at least one other player prop. You cannot bet them one at a time.

ScoreBoard and DraftKings Sportsbook

In October 2019, ScoreBoard was launched. It was a sportsbook created and run by the state lottery with help from SBTech, a global sports betting technology provider. ScoreBoard was…not well-received. The technology was sub-par, the lines were inferior, and the promotions were non-existent. But it was mobile sports betting, so Oregonians used it. Revenue was generated, but the bad reviews kept pouring in from customers and industry observers alike. After about two years, the Lottery threw in the towel and came to an agreement with DraftKings to take over mobile sports betting in the state.

Of course, DraftKings knows a thing or two about sports betting. It is in the top 2 of revenues in almost every state in which it operates, trailing only FanDuel in popularity. Additionally, DraftKings knows how to work with state governments in a monopoly environment, doing just that in New Hampshire as the only mobile sportsbook available in the state.

In January 2022, DraftKings took over, and Oregonians finally had a legitimate, top-tier sportsbook of their very own. Revenues immediately went way up and things have gone very well for both the Lottery and DraftKings so far. Full competition may not be available in the state, but at least the residents have a top-tier sportsbook to use for their mobile betting.

draftkings sportsbook

Sportsbook Promotions in Oregon

Since it is the only mobile sportsbook in Oregon, let’s go over some of the promotions DraftKings offers its new and existing customers in Oregon and elsewhere.

Sports Available for Online Wagering in Oregon

Once again, we go to DraftKings for our list of sports available for online wagering in Oregon. Tribal retail sportsbooks may have different sports listed at their locations, including college sports, but for those who want to bet online, the following sports are available:

Bet Types Available in Oregon

Here are all the different types of wagers available in Oregon:

Oregon Sportsbook Banking Options

As one of the biggest sportsbooks out there, DraftKings has no shortage of options for deposits and withdrawals, including:

Tribal Sports Betting in Oregon

Oregon is home to eight recognized Indian tribes, most of whom have a casino. Actually, the first legal wager in the state was made at the Chinook Winds sportsbook in Lincoln City, which opened up a few months before the debut of ScoreBoard. Currently, four tribal casinos in Oregon have sportsbooks:

Tribal sportsbooks are retail-only and do not offer mobile apps, but the good news is they can offer wagering on all college sports. They have taken full advantage of that, marketing to the legions of Oregon and Oregon State fans frustrated with not being able to wager on their teams.  

Grand RondeSpirit Mountain SportsbookGrand RondeBetMGM
SiletzChinook Winds SportsbookLincoln CityNone
CoquilleThe Mill Casino SportsbookNorth BendNone
Coos/Lower Umpqua/SiuslawThree Rivers Casino SportsbookFlorenceNone

Oregon Sports Teams

Oregon has three professional sports teams and several major college teams.

Oregon Sports Betting FAQ

Is sports betting legal in Oregon?

Yes! Sports betting is very much legal in the great state of Oregon. Online sports betting is run by the state lottery and has been available since October 2019. NFL parlay wagering was offered by the lottery from 1989-2007, which meant that Oregon was exempt from PASPA and did not have to pass any new legislation to enact legal sports betting when PASPA was overturned in 2018.

Which sportsbooks are available in Oregon?

Right now, DraftKings is the only sportsbook available online in Oregon because the state lottery is in charge of regulating and operating online sports betting in the state. The lottery started out by running its own app called ScoreBoard, but in early 2022 threw in the towel and contracted with DraftKings to offer its app to bettors in the state. This is good news for Oregon bettors because DraftKings is a much better app than ScoreBoard ever was.

Why can’t I bet on college sports in Oregon?

As mentioned, Oregon is the only state that prohibits wagering on all college sports. This was a decision made by the state legislature, which decided that the state lottery would be the only entity allowed to offer mobile wagering in the state. Tribes can offer wagering on college sports at their retail sportsbooks because they are not under the jurisdiction of state regulators.

One reason for the prohibition is that a portion of the revenue from sports betting in the state goes to colleges and universities, therefore it was perceived as a potential conflict of interest to allow wagering on their games. There have been efforts in the legislature to change this policy, but little traction has been gained, mostly due to the strenuous opposition of the state’s powerful tribes. We expect the ban to remain in place for many years to come.

Can I pick college props?

Yes, sort of. While you can’t bet on college player props at Oregon sportsbooks, you can make prop picks on DFS sites like PrizePicks, Underdog Fantasy, and similar platforms. You must pick at least two different props in your lineups, which work almost exactly like traditional parlays.