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Never heard of PointsBet? That’s about to change. The new kid on the block, PointsBet was founded in Australia and recently made the jump to the United States. Starting first in New Jersey in 2019, PointsBet has since enjoyed successful expansion to several states with regulated sports betting.

PointsBet is known for offering an elite mobile sports betting experience that includes one of the best mobile sportsbook apps, plenty of betting markets, unique promotions, and innovative features like its exclusive PointsBetting wagers.

PointsBet Promo Code Details

We don’t currently have a PointsBet promo code available.

Creating A PointsBet Account

No matter where you are in the U.S. you’re only a couple of clicks and a few strokes of the keyboard from having a PointsBet account. To start, visit the PointsBet homepage.

Next, click the ‘Sign Up Now’ button to get started. You’ll be asked to choose the state that you’re going to be betting in.

The following pages will require that you provide some personal details like your name, address, phone, and the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number.

PointsBet Sportsbook Registration Form
How to Create an Account with PointsBet

Requirements to Bet

Generally speaking, PointsBet welcomes all new bettors who can satisfy the two principal limiting qualifications of online wagering in the U.S.:

If you’re not old enough, or you aren’t inside of a state that has legalized online sports betting, then you’re out of luck – you can’t bet on sports. Otherwise, it’s time to sign up!

Location Settings

So how does PointsBet know where you are? The site employs sophisticated geolocation services to pinpoint your exact location. If you’re betting from your phone or tablet, communicating your position can be as easy as flipping the ‘Location Services’ button on. Once you’ve OK’d it, the PointsBet mobile app can connect right to your phone’s GPS chip and relay that information to the site.

It’s only a little more complicated for those trying to wager from a computer. Prospective bettors will be required to download and install a geolocation plugin that can use a stable WiFi signal to place you. The plugin download will be pulled up for you automatically while navigating the site, and if you don’t have it on, you won’t be able to place a bet.

PointsBet: Available States

When evaluating the state-specific sports betting scenes across the U.S. you’ll find plenty of similarities. However, since each market is regulated separately, it’s the niche differences that stand out. Let’s take a look at some of the highlights from the areas where PointsBet operates:

Pennsylvania (now Fanatics Sportsbook)

New Jersey

Iowa (now Fanatics Sportsbook)


Colorado (Now Fanatics Sportsbook)


Michigan (Now Fanatics Sportsbook)

West Virginia (Now Fanatics Sportsbook)

Virginia (Now Fanatics Sportsbook)

New York (Now Fanatics Sportsbook)

Kansas (now Fanatics Sportsbook)

Ohio (No Longer Available)

PointsBet Sportsbook – Looking Ahead

PointsBet online sportsbook has been one of the more active sportsbook operators in the United States, so it’s a safe bet to assume that where legislation goes, PointsBet will follow. Here are a few states that we expect PointsBet to come to within the next year or two

PointsBet Sportsbook in Ontario Canada

Single-game wagering is already legal in Ontario, and the marketplace will open to licensed sportsbooks on April 7, 2022. PointsBet is ready to go, having already secured its license from provincial regulators. PointsBet will be live in Ontario on April 7 and is expected to operate in other provinces across Canada as soon as they finalize their own particular sports betting rules. Under federal legislation passed in Summer 2021, each province is able to legalize and regulate sports betting as they see fit. Ontario took the lead and already has added single-game wagering to its government-run Proline+ sports betting app.

Mobile Apps vs. Web Browser

It’s possible to place a wager through PointsBet using all of the major online sports betting tech platforms.

PointsBet Mobile App

PointsBet offers an excellent mobile experience for both iOS and Android users. A search for ‘PointsBet’ within your chosen app store will provide the results you’re looking for.

PointsBet Sportsbook Trustpilot reviews
PointsBet Trustpilot Review

Unlike many online sportsbooks that have a separate app for each state, there is only one PointsBet app. Once you’ve downloaded it, scroll to the bottom of the app’s homepage and choose your state.

The app itself has a clean layout, is easy to use, and allows users to take advantage of all vital account functions without ever having to visit the website. Register, deposit, place bets, cash out – all from your phone.

PointsBet Mobile App
Get the PointsBet Mobile App


Betting on a computer through a web browser will offer a similar, but more spacious experience. You can visit the PointsBet website using any functional browser, log in, and get right to it.

Featured and upcoming bets are easily accessible, but the site really revolves around the collapsable menu that you can grab in the top left corner. It lays out in-play options, promos, and also provides a list of all available sports markets from A-Z. New and experienced users alike will have no trouble navigating the PointsBet site.

Sports Offered on PointsBet Online Sportsbook

PointsBet offers all of the major sports betting markets. This includes:

Notably, betting options may vary based on state due to differences in legislation. Consult the “PointsBet Available States” area above for a more detailed breakdown of what may, or may not be available in your state of interest.

Potential Bets

PointsBet excels in the variety of bets that it accepts. Traditional classics include:

But that’s not the whole of it. PointsBet is known for their innovative PointsBetting wagers that are exclusive to its platform.


While it may seem scary and complicated at first, PointsBetting at its core is just a spread wager on steroids. PointsBetting takes a traditional bet like a spread, total, or prop, and adds an exciting twist where the potential winnings (or losses) aren’t fixed, but vary by the in-game results. The more correct you are in your betting predictions, the more you win… or lose. The chosen stake is multiplied by how close to the final outcome your bet is.

For Example…

The Giants are a 3-point favorite over the Eagles in their upcoming NFL game. You decide to place a $10 PointsBetting wager on them to cover. The game plays out and the Giants win by 10 points, which is 7 more than the spread. With PointsBetting your wager is multiplied by every point greater than, or less than the agreed spread. Thus, $10 x 7 points = a $70 win.

It can go the other way, though. Using the same example, if the Giants lost the game (as a 3-point favorite) by 10 points, you’d be on the hook for the 3 points they were favored by, plus the 10 they lost by for a total of 13 units. $10 x 13 = -$130 loss. High risk, high reward.

The multiplier is set differently depending on the sport, since a 10 pt win is a lot easier in sports like basketball than in soccer or hockey. There is also a set cap for how much a player can win or lose depending on the betting market.

Make no mistake about it, PointsBetting can be a wild ride, so proceed with caution. You can also set your own multiplier caps or stop losses. So if a bettor chooses to set the cap at 5x, the most they can win or lose on a $1 bet is $5 no matter what the final score is.

PointsBet Promotions

When it comes to promotions, PointsBet is widely considered a market leader. Be sure to regularly check the ‘Promos’ section of the sportsbook to see what’s currently available. Recent promos have included:

…and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. PointsBet is always coming up with new ways to keep things interesting.

PointsBet Banking Methods

Deposit and withdrawal options will differ based on the state that you’re banking in. While having a unique overall cashier, each state will rely on similar methods. Generally speaking you can expect older markets, like New Jersey for example, to have a rather robust lineup of choices. PointsBet’s offerings in newer states are more likely to start small and build up over time.

Deposit Methods

Withdrawal Methods

PointsBet Loyalty Rewards

PointsBet offers a relatively simple rewards program. Every $5 wagered on fixed odds bets will receive 1 Reward Point. Thus, a $50 wager would earn the bettor 10 RP.

When wagering on parlays, since the odds of success are longer, bettors receive more compensation. $1 in parlays = 1 RP. A $50 parlay would yield 50 RP.

There’s a pretty simple 100-1 conversion of Rewards Points to Bonus Bets. Each rewards point is worth one cent. The smallest amount that you can redeem is 250 points for $2.50 in Bonus Bets. If you extrapolate that out, if you were to wager $1,000 in the sportsbook (fixed odds) you would earn 200 Rewards Points, which has about $2 in value. By contrast, if you wagered $1,000 on parlay bets you would receive 1,000 RP, which holds about $10 in value.

It’s not much, but there are fine margins between success and failure in the world of sports betting and everything makes a difference.

PointsBet Sportsbook rewards section
PointsBet Redeem Your Rewards


Pretty standard fare with regard to customer support. PointsBet relies on email and live chat to answer questions. You can find links to both methods at the bottom of the sportsbook homepage, in the footer.

You can email service@pointsbet.com directly with any questions and they’ll get back to you in a timely fashion. Similarly, clicking the ‘Live Chat’ button will automatically launch a chat window that allows you to interact directly with a support representative.

Generally speaking, we’d categorize PointsBet Support as being both knowledgable, and fast.

PointsBet Company Information

PointsBet is an Australian based company that first launched in 2017. They became the first sports betting operation in Australia to offer spread betting. In the years since, PointsBet has expanded throughout the world and most recently brought their exciting, cutting edge sportsbook to the United States. They pride themselves on being an industry innovator and promise an “edge of your seat” experience. By our evaluation, they have delivered.

PointsBet FAQ

Where can I wager with PointsBet?
PointsBet is currently active and operating in New Jersey, Illinois, Kansas, New York, and Maryland.

Is PointsBet legal?
PointsBet is 100% legal. In all of the aforementioned states, it has attained the proper licenses and permits to offer online sports betting.

Is there a PointsBet mobile app?
Of course – and it’s a joy to use. Search for ‘PointsBet’ in the Android or Apple app store of your choosing and download it with just a few taps of your fingers. What’s more, you just need one app for every state that you want to bet in with PointsBet.