Cousin Sal, Clay Travis ‘Help’ NBC Sports Expert Cash In On Saints

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NBC Sports Philadelphia sports betting expert Brad Feinberg was rooting hard against the Saints in Sunday’s NFC Championship Game. When Greg Zuerlein’s 57-yard field goal split the uprights in overtime, Feinberg won $57,500.

Feinberg was holding a $8,000 future ticket on the Saints to win the Super Bowl at 20/1 odds that would pay out $168,000. So why in the world was Feinberg ecstatic that the Saints lost to the Rams? Because earlier in the week, Feinberg sold the ticket bet on PropSwap, a secondary marketplace for sports bets, for $57,500. Taking out the original $8,000 investment made by Feinberg, he netted $49,500 in profit by unloading his Saints future ticket.

Before the game, the Saints were favored to win the Super Bowl at odds of +160, but Feinberg also had future wagers on the Rams and Chiefs. What made him decide to part with his Saints bet and a potential $168,000 even when he thought New Orleans would win the game? Feinberg said he didn’t want to be overly invested in one team.

“The Saints were my biggest future, the Rams were my second-biggest future and the Chiefs were my third-biggest future,” Feinberg told NBC Sports Philadelphia. “I followed these three teams an insane amount. I watched every snap of theirs all year. These three bets, I literally followed all year and was trying to manage them.

“I had a much bigger position on New Orleans than I did the other teams. I did think New Orleans would win the game, I really did, but I didn’t want to have as much of an overexposure on New Orleans as I did. So I was like, ‘You know what, if I can sell this ticket and make myself more even, I don’t need to be a hero.'”

The story gets even better. The two people who bought Feinberg’s ticket were FOX Sports 1 “Lock It In” co-hosts Clay Travis and “Cousin Sal” Iacono. The two viewed it as a smart investment, getting such big odds on the Saints.

“Let’s backtrack to something really stupid I did earlier this week so you can understand my anger,” Cousin Sal told Bill Simmons on his weekly podcast. “So, some guy back in February bet the Saints to win the Super Bowl and somehow got 20/1 odds, which strikes me as very high for February. He put it up on a third-party site called PropSwap. Which is like the eBay of legitimate prop tickets…On ‘Lock It In,’ me, Clay Travis and Todd Fuhrman say, ‘We should buy this,’ since we all like the Saints to win the Super Bowl.”

“Let’s try to buy this for $56,000-$57,000. We’re getting 2-to-1 odds and you can’t get 2-to-1 odds anywhere. You can get +170 at some shops but even then, it’s limited on how much you can bet on it. We’re getting really good value. Everyone is like ‘I’m in, I’m in,’ then Fuhrman backs out at the last minute so it’s just me and Clay. We split it.”

Fuhrman got out just in time, as the Saints were upset at home. Travis and Cousin Sal may have gotten great odds, but none of that matters now that they’re holding a worthless ticket.

As for Feinberg, not only did he make out big on the Saints losing, he still owns a future bet on the Rams to win the Super Bowl. He’s having a pretty good week.

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