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  • ‘Pro Football Handle’ Super Bowl LIII Breakdown: New England Patriots (-2.5) vs. Los Angeles Rams

‘Pro Football Handle’ Super Bowl LIII Breakdown: New England Patriots (-2.5) vs. Los Angeles Rams


The Super Bowl is almost here. Get all the information you need to bet the big game on this edition of the Pro Football Handle podcast. Will the Rams money ever come? Will the line move closer to kickoff? We answer those questions and more.

On this episode of The Pro Football Handle, brought to you by PropSwap.com, Las Vegas-based sports talk voice Matt Perrault and veteran bookmaker Robert Walker of USBookmaking dive into Super Bowl LIII, line movements, prop bets and bookmaker liabilities, plus greater sports betting topics and stories that may have nothing to do with football.

 It’s the last episode of PFH until September, so a bittersweet farewell until then. Thanks to all our listeners for their support and feedback. Enjoy!

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3:55 — Getting into the start, where the line opened. It changed quickly.

9:30 — Robert delayed on putting up Todd Gurley props as the running back’s health is kind of a mystery.

13:40 — PropSwap.com Futures Focus.

14:22 — Talking about the total and more about the matchup.

26:55 — NFL replay policy and revisiting the conference champion games and how they got there.

31:30 — Tom Brady’s motivation and wondering if the Rams deserve to be in SB

40:20 — Perrault’s bets and the bookmaker approach to setting the line on Super Bowl.

43:30 — The future of teaser betting in U.S. and wrapping up Super Bowl betting.

50:25– Closing thoughts and reflections on PFH this season.

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