Free Sports Betting for 11/30/22 - SAO Live Locks

Join Grant Neiffer (@Gneiffer07 on Twitter) live as he takes a look at today’s slate and hunts for inefficient lines and markets across sports books for Wednesday, 11/30/22! You can tail his bets throughout the season as Grant builds up his bankroll and shows you how to do smart sports betting!
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About the Author

Grant Neiffer (gneiffer07)

One of the most vibrant and interesting personalities in all of DFS and sports betting, Grant Neiffer (aka gneiffer07) has Economics and Accounting degrees from Azusa Pacific University. He’s been playing DFS since 2013 and fantasy sports from the ripe old age of 10. In recent years, Grant has turned his attention primarily to sports betting, and in 2021, he finished 3rd in the DraftKings Sports Betting National Championship, taking home $230,000. You can find all of Grant’s sports betting analysis on ScoresAndOdds and the Action Network. Follow Grant on Twitter – @gneiffer07