Breaking Down Maxdalury's Dominance in the DK MEGA Payoff Pitch

As maxdalury likes to say, I had a hunch my 721st team would be my best. Maxdalury and his 888 lineups absolutely dominated last night’s DraftKings $1 Million MEGA Payoff Pitch, taking home five of the top 10 spots and 29 of the top 100 spots, including the $100,000 first place prize. He took home more than $221,000 in prizes making him not only the highest paid fantasy MLB player on the evening, but the highest paid player in the baseball world, finishing ahead of Clayton Kershaw, who earns $190,000 per game.

Let’s take a look at how he did it.

First, maxdalury took a major stand on pitchers. He chose Kershaw (37.35 points) in 884 of his 888 lineups and paired him with Matt Shoemaker (24.75 points) in 859 of those 884 lineups.

Next, maxdalury doubled down on the Toronto Blue Jays’ bats. He had at least one Blue Jay in 505 of his 888 lineups and had 165 Blue Jays stacks (4+ hitters). Below is the breakdown of Blue Jays hitters in maxdalury’s lineups:

Josh Donaldson4828.2%24.3%
Jose Bautista2527.5%9.7%
Danny Valencia023.0%20.7%
Jose Reyes715.8%10.9%
Steve Tolleson714.6%3.5%
Edwin Encarnacion09.0%11.1%
Chris Colabello58.7%25.0%
Josh Thole197.1%2.2%
Kevin Pillar05.0%1.4%

Finally, he filled out his lineups with top hitters:

Prince Fielder2612.4%4.7%
Ryan Raburn2164.2%10.2%
Denard Span1723.9%4.9%
Joey Butler179.6%10.2%

Many of you are thinking to yourself “I could do that if I had the bankroll.” Here are some stats highlighting maxdalury’s epic night:

• Maxdalury cashed 51% of his lineups. Of the 21 users who entered 100+ lineups, only one (AshyL4rry – 54%) had a higher percentage of lineups finish in the money.

• Only three of those 21 users turned a profit. The average user with 100+ entries lost $1,200, and two users lost more than $10,000.

• 10 of those 21 users didn’t have a single lineup finish in the top 1,000.

Now let’s take a look at the rest of the field:

# of Entries# of Users% of Users% of Lineups CashedBest FinishROI

The majority of users entered one or two lineups. The single-entry hero last night was jaebberwock, who finished seventh for $7,500 with a lineup of Kershaw, deGrom, Gonzalez, Reyes, Raburn, Montero, Walker, Venable, Donaldson and Butler.

There has been some discussion about how mass multi-entry and stacking affects the cash line in GPPs. The table below shows last night’s Payoff Pitch had the lowest cash line compared to the other big GPPs and 50/50s.

TournamentBuy-InCash Line
50/50$300 147.25
Gold Glove$1,060 145.15
50/50$5 142.10
50/50$10 141.10
50/50$50 140.65
Perfect Game$300 140.15
50/50$100 139.45
50/50$25 135.25
Moonshot$3 132.90
Payoff Pitch$27 131.45

The $1 Million MEGA Payoff Pitch attracted approximately 11,300 users. To put that in perspective, the millionaire series DK ran for NFL attracted 30,000-35,000 users per week, and the PGA millionaire game for the Masters last month attracted nearly 50,000 users.

So what’s the takeaway from all this? Maxdalury is an absolute beast at mass multi-entry tournaments. With all the discussion about multi-entry and stacking, he said it best in a tweet earlier today: “Was just one of those days where all my core went off.”

About the Author

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  • Chad Hancher is a western Pennsylvania native and 2005 graduate of Penn State who’s been hooked on DFS since 2011. He currently resides in Alexandria, VA with his wife and works as a statistician in Washington DC. You can find him on twitter at baseballsDFS.


  • 671TAOTAO

    COMPARED TO MY $2.00/DAY !!!! NO COMPARISON!!!!!!!!!

  • commandercoo1

    @Dcbthink said...

    Same question. I don’t understand how he got 888 lineups in without using some sort of program. Anyone know if he repeats or was every lineup unique?

    I recall looking through the CSV and noting that not every lineup was unique. However, if you consider that if maybe only 400 were unique, that if it takes you 30 seconds on average you’re looking at 3.3 hours of straight lineup editing without losing track of where you are in your editing etc. If you even pause for a few seconds here or there or take a break you’re looking at a ton more time.

    I remember a thread from a few months ago where someone said they entered 200 unique lineups in the DK NFL milly maker and it took them 15 hours.

    In my own personal experience of using to optimize 50 lineups and then manually copying them for an NBA tournament, it would take me about an hour of 100% focused editing to create them all.

  • ckoscianski

    Its a joke not skill 888 entries I’d hope you would have all your bases covered. If Draftkings doesnt fix this soon people are going to get turned off. He took down the 100k in basketball too because of 500 enties. They need to make a 50 entry limit!

  • DJIrish33

    multi entries with core pitchers and core hitters with hot streak hitters he chose mixed in is a great strategy and takes lots of skill. this method works great because when u hit big, u hit real big. truly record breaking, well done max, share some strategy sometime im sure any would be much appreciated.

  • CeeGee

    • 780

      RG Overall Ranking

    • Ranked #30

      RG Tiered Ranking

    Sick breakdown! Nice job Max.

    I’m not a huge fan of the crazy high number of entries (although i completely understand it from max’s perspective)

    to say there is no skill involved is foolish, there is no question about it, there’s plenty of skill involved in multi entering.

    Having any lineup finish 1st out of such a large field is amazing, not to mention having 1/2 your entries come in the money.

    I had 2/3 of my entries cash (min) and I was happy haha. I couldn’t imagine seeing Max’s “currently winning” screen on DK that night lol.

    Oh yeah, don’t forget, he probably took down another $200k with all the cash games and smaller GPP (i know he won the moonshot as well)

  • rozymikey

    Congratulations on a job well done! Using 2 pitchers in most every lineup confirms one thing, that you have balls of steel. I am a small player trying to work my way up the ranks, so I can only speak for myself. It takes me a lot of time just playing 3-5 lineups and out of 5 lineups I might use 4 pitchers. Easy for guys like me to say it’s because of your large bankroll and the amount of entries that will ensure you a victory. But that would be complete and utter bullshit. The statistics in the article regarding your lineups show how confident you were on this particular night with your core group of players and that is so impressive. What amazes me is how do you manage so many lineups? I really would like to understand how you go about that. Fantastic job and look forward to playing against you in the higher priced tourneys in the near future. Again way to go!

  • kmsurfs2000

    first congrats on wining the big cash and for having the stones to put down that money. I am sure it is a stressful night watching your board however I am not impressed that he can take down a contest with that many entries-he has a 800+ to 1 advantage over guys that had a single entry-DK and FD should also run big prize tournaments with caps on entries-I am sure they would fill up just fine

  • ldmariodl28

    • Blogger of the Month

    My question is, why 888. Why not 889 or 887. What was the significance behind 888.

  • jimmyquinella

    • Blogger of the Month

    Well done! (And great article, FYI)

    Skill and just a little gamble…I like it.

    “Was just one of those days where all my core went off.” – Sums it up very well

  • LoganWins

    Why isn’t anyone pointing out the facts on how frequently he needs to have a performance like this in order to simply break even? Of course he did great and looks like a genius (which I’m sure he is), but if Kershaw blew out his shoulder in the first, this article wouldn’t have been written. I’d be interested to know, however I’m aware that I won’t, what his annual net from DFS is. I would be surprised if it were as mind blowing as many people appear to think. My point is, either you play casually and hope to get lucky once in a while with an entry or two, or you dump in loads of cash to stack a core everyday until you get it right. Either way, you’re not going undefeated. Now if he is hedging successfully in cash games and not bleeding his bankroll too much during swings when stacks don’t hit, then I’m much more impressed. I guess I’ll never know. What I do know is that there was a guy named Condia who was dominating and out of nowhere he disappeared. Why? Just playing devil’s advocate here. Good luck to all!

  • scottykd

    It would interesting to see his stats… not that he’d need to disclose his actual bankroll stats, but his games cashed in, and average lineup score broken down by game types (if he does do any 50/50’s) … net profit would be interesting too if he was willing to disclose.

  • Tyrone__85

    I hate when people say he bound to cash with 800+ lineups…did you not see he had his core in almost all his lineups? Stop hating people.

  • fistpumper

    Grats to Him, Great player

    It’s still a complete joke and terrible for the games to allow that many entries. Sites need to put some sorta cap on it , like 50 or something

  • Rockythunder

    Max doesn’t just break even he crushes most nights. Can’t tell you how many times I am looking up at him in a tourney. He has moved up the Grinder leaderboard with lightning speed over the last few weeks. I’m amazed at how night in and night out he performs. Maybe he doesn’t win a tourney every night, but he is extremely consistent in finishing in the money. He obviously has a great system and spends a great deal of time putting together his lineups. And for those hating on how many entries he puts in, if you want the high payouts then the tournaments need to fill. It is players such as he that allow the sites to put out bigger paydays on a daily basis.

  • glennantz

    Maybe he just knows what he’s doing.

  • Meatacus

    Great job, but damn 888 lineups. How long did that take to input? I don’t play on Draft Kings but if you were entering 2 teams a min that would take 7 hrs and 24 mins (assuming it was 888 unique lineups). Obviously paid off huge that night.

  • Yupdatsme

    @Dcbthink said...

    Same question. I don’t understand how he got 888 lineups in without using some sort of program. Anyone know if he repeats or was every lineup unique?

    Me too. Anybody know/willing to share how in gods name he physically got 888 in there?

  • JoePits

    @Dcbthink said...

    Same question. I don’t understand how he got 888 lineups in without using some sort of program. Anyone know if he repeats or was every lineup unique?

    My friend and I guess that he is really a team of sorts, has a lot of people working for him under the same account, probably like a sweatshop of sorts in his basement.

  • Percy

    Am I reading the data correctly that the cash line for the GPPs was roughly the same as the cash line for the 50/50s? If so, is this a freak or a common occurrence? I would have thought that given about 24% cash in the GPPs and 50% cash in the 50/50s, that the cash line for the GPPs would be significantly higher…?

  • nonamejoe

    At what point does DFS go from skill – entering one lineup based on your own research and data – to gambling – entering multiple lineups to cover a greater possiblity of outcomes while hedging your risk. There’s a line there somewhere. Might be around 888.

  • OneShotKill17

    @nonamejoe said...

    At what point does DFS go from skill – entering one lineup based on your own research and data – to gambling – entering multiple lineups to cover a greater possiblity of outcomes while hedging your risk. There’s a line there somewhere. Might be around 888.

    No, did you read the article? If you put 888 entries, I’m sure you would have covered every pitching combo known to man, he used the same combo i almost all lineups.

  • CallMeVick

    Not true. Lol he picks bats vs his pitcher often.. not a very good h2h player the guy who said br will suffer playn him daily

  • wraycode

    They need to lower the mass entry amount some so the tourney’s are a little more competitive and keeps it more on an individual base and limits a team or group all working under one account

  • wraycode

    allowing one user to enter as much as their they can is a hugh disadvantage to the rest of the field.

  • dbrown0147

    At work we use a program called data load or auto hot key. I’m sure he uses something similar.

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