EPL DFS Breakdown Saturday February 6th

Team Odds

Newcastle (+205) vs Southampton (+138)
Burnley (+265) vs Brighton (+118)
Fulham (+260) vs West Ham (+110)
Manchester United (-182) vs Everton (+500)

Set Piece Takers

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About the Author

Hesh Hambazaza (hambazaza)

At the intersection of sports and mathematics you’ll find Hesh Hambazaza as a staunch believer that numbers really can explain everything. Along with working as a RotoGrinders editor, Hambazaza contributes to RotoGrinders in Soccer coverage as well as a contributor to RotoAcademy highlighting Vegas as a useful tool. When he’s not devoting countless hours to DFS a week, Hambazaza can be found working as a father, husband and electrical engineer on various NASA projects.