EPL DFS Breakdown: Saturday, January 16th

The Premier League, like the NBA is suffering from match delays due to COVID. This matchweek there is another match that has gotten delayed, this Saturday’s slate however all the matches should play, though as things stand, anything is possible. So far, only Aston Villa hosting Everton has been delayed, and that’s a Sunday early matchup. Saturday’s main slate however includes four matches, and there is an early showdown matchup between Wolves and West Brom. This article will focus on the four game slate, with a quick look at the showdown matchup to give you some guidance when selecting your lineups for the showdown matchup.

Team Odds

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About the Author

Hesh Hambazaza (hambazaza)

At the intersection of sports and mathematics you’ll find Hesh Hambazaza as a staunch believer that numbers really can explain everything. Along with working as a RotoGrinders editor, Hambazaza contributes to RotoGrinders in Soccer coverage as well as a contributor to RotoAcademy highlighting Vegas as a useful tool. When he’s not devoting countless hours to DFS a week, Hambazaza can be found working as a father, husband and electrical engineer on various NASA projects.