THE BAT X - Now With Ownership Projections!

THE BAT X is routinely one of the most accurate projection systems in the game, and it now comes with Ownership Projections!

Why Will THE BAT X Make You Better At DFS?

Elite Accuracy and Functionality

  • It’s Super Accurate – For the third straight year, THE BAT X was named the most accurate original season-long projection system in fantasy baseball in studies conducted at FantasyPros and FanGraphs.
  • It’s Widely Regarded as The Gold Standard in the Industry- Ask around and you’re sure to hear good things. Your favorite tout may use it. Blender, perhaps the most transparent tout in the industry, admits it’s his primary projection source and says it should cost 10x more than it does. Even competitors like BigT at RunPure say how much they love it.
  • It Works with LineupHQ- Access to LineupHQ is included to help you build your best lineups!
  • It Includes THE BAT X Ownership Projections!- Starting in 2022, THE BAT X started generating highly accurate ownership projections.

Advanced and Wide-Ranging Data

  • It Uses Advanced Sabermetric Methodology Similar to Actual MLB Teams – Before DFS existed, I spent a lot of time in the sabermetric community working with and learning from some of the best baseball minds in the world, many of whom are now making decisions in Major League front offices. Most projections just use basic stats and Vegas lines. THE BAT X is so much more than that.
  • It Uses Statcast Data – Starting in 2020, THE BAT X began using Statcast data for hitters. Barrels, exit velocity, launch angle, sprint speed, and variations on each that the model has found to be predictive.
  • It Accounts for a Ton of Factors – As far as I know, nobody else accounts for as many factors as THE BAT does, which gives it a big edge. Everything from the basics like hitter and pitcher quality to ballparks, bullpens, weather, umpires, catcher pitch-framing, and a whole lot more! DFS is a game of edges, and accounting for things your opponents aren’t is a huge edge.
  • GPP-specific Projections – In addition to the standard projections, you also get Stack Projections, Ceiling Projections, Floor Projections, and Percentile Projections.

Top-Notch Community

  • Premium Discord Chat Room – Subscribers get access to an exclusive Discord chat room. It’s a great community where veteran users help newer ones and where you get full access to me as I hang out and answer questions.
  • Elite Customer Service – I want everyone who buys my product to do well, and so I try to make it a point to answer every question I receive. Reach out to me if you ever need any help, want to understand something better, or have feedback.

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Want to Learn More?

- You can learn more about the underlying process of THE BAT here

- You can learn more about THE BAT X Statcast upgrades here

- And while this tutorial is a few years old and desperately needs updating for all of the new features that have been added to THE BAT, it will still give you a good sense of what THE BAT is all about and the usefulness of projections


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How Do I Buy THE BAT?

Simply head over to THE BAT page and follow the instructions! – If you have any questions, please post them here, hit me up on Twitter (@DerekCarty), or email at anytime. I’m always happy to answer any questions you have about myself, THE BAT, or DFS in general.

About the Author

  • Derek Carty (DerekCarty)

  • You may recognize Derek Carty from his role on Baseball Tonight, his articles at, or his occasional SportsCenter appearances. He’s also been published by FOX Sports, Sports Illustrated, NBC’s Rotoworld, FanDuel, and Fantasy Insiders, among many others. He’s a long-time DFS player and the creator of THE BAT and THE BLITZ, perhaps the most sophisticated DFS projection systems on the market. Prior to DFS, Derek honed his statistical chops as the Fantasy Manager of two of the biggest sabermetric outlets, Baseball Prospectus and The Hardball Times (now the nerdier branch of FanGraphs — yes, that’s a thing), and holds an elite track record in year-long expert leagues (6 titles while finishing top-3 over 50% of the time). He’s also the only active fantasy writer to have graduated from MLB’s exclusive Scout School, which he blends with his statistical background to form a complete picture of a player.

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