2024 U.S. Open Forecast and Projections


We’re teeing off for the U.S. Open this week! With light winds and no rain, the heat and sunshine are the only concern.


Usually in my golf weather forecasts, we’re focusing more on wind than rain, but today, we’re adding heat into the equation. A hot sunny afternoon can lead to very fast and difficult greens, making approach shots and putting a nightmare. You can then use this to your advantage when making your picks on DFS sites and sportsbooks.

U.S. Open Weather Forecast

Thursday, June 13th

Calm early morning winds, light afternoon winds topping out below 10 mph. Dry and warm, with a high temp in the afternoon around 90 degrees.

Friday, June 14th

A similar pattern, calm morning winds and light afternoon winds. The heat peaks Friday, with a high temp in the mid-90s under sunny skies.

Saturday, June 15th

Still dealing with hot, dry, sunny conditions with no winds of real note.

Sunday, June 16th

The heat and the sunshine remain the biggest issues, with a high temp around 90 degrees with light winds and sunny skies

U.S. Open Weather Thoughts

Usually, we’re keying in on how we can gain an advantage through the wind, but this tournament is essentially as wind-free as it comes. Instead, the focus will be on the sun and heat, which will bake the course and create some very fast greens and difficult conditions. The morning golfers will have a slight edge because there could still be some moisture on the grass early in the morning, but by the afternoon the greens will be like putting on concrete. I don’t see any wave advantage to be had, as each day is essentially a carbon copy of the day before it.

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