CourtIQ by RotoGrinders: Tutorial, FAQ & Learn More

What is CourtIQ?

CourtIQ is an amazing tool that allows us to compare how players do when they are on or off the court. We are able to access a ton of useful data points that can help our decision making when selecting players for our rosters. From seeing the amount of minutes that players are on the court together, we are able to analyze the usage, FPM, and other stats in an easy to read table. Request a simple query such as, how does Russell Westbrook perform with Kevin Durant out of the lineup over the two last seasons? To a more complex one like how do Chris Paul and DeAndre Jordan perform on while Blake Griffin is off.

It’s pretty obvious that Russell Westbrook benefits with Durant out of the lineup, but we also get to see how other players do in this scenario.

We can see that Chris Paul leads the team with a 31% usage rate. Note that I also turned Diamond Stone off because his results were skewing my understanding of the situation. Our results tend to show the entire picture of the team, so if a player has a high usage rate and a low minutes total in the query, don’t hesitate to turn them off.

How Do I Use CourtIQ?

The first step to any query is selecting the team that you want to search for. After the team is selected, we are able to select the players we want to see information for. Setting a player “ON” or “OFF” helps to define the parameters of the query. We have multiple ways of requesting the data. We can select all the players that we want on, we can try a mix of players on and off, or we can just have a query that shows how the team performs when a certain player or players are off the court. Once we pick the players that we want on or off, we can run the query with the selected date range.

The results are able to be analyzed in four different formats on every site available. We can view total, which will provide us the total minutes played plus the corresponding stats. This will include the total number of fantasy points in the selected date range. To access a more refined search, simply toggle the button to Per Minute, Per 36 Mins, or Per 48 Mins. We can see the players FPM when Per Minute is selected and total fantasy points when Per 36 and 48 are selected. The usage does not change when the buttons are changed but the individual statistics are able to be refined further. By pressing the Stats button we can add or remove items to our table.

It’s common to want to view multiple on/off points for the same team. Not everyone has a photographic memory, so to aide in this process we have provided a share this query button. You can copy the link into a new tab so that it is easy to compare your recently processed query with a new set of on/off players. You can also share the results to your social network or with your closest DFS teammates.

Last but not least, we have added a suggested queries and recent queries table. It’s very common for the community to have similar questions and by selecting our suggested queries or by seeing how others are processing queries, you are able to speed up your research time. As we all know, time is of the essence in NBA DFS, so this tool will allow you to quickly make the most informed decisions.

If you have any questions, just ask me on Twitter!

About the Author

  • Chirag Hira (INSPYR)

  • Chirag Hira, DFS alias “INSPYR”, has been playing fantasy basketball since 2001. He picked up DFS during the 2015 playoffs and has never looked back. In charge of DFS Alerts for the NBA, Chirag takes it as a daily challenge to break news before anyone else in the industry. He graduated with a degree in sports journalism and his career highlights include interviewing Kobe Bryant and Joe Torre. You can find Chirag on Twitter at C_Hira24.

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