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  • 2013 StarStreet NFL Playboy Mansion Finalist

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DraftKings NFL Oct 10th, 2021 $12.00 3899 / 29411 8.55
DraftKings NFL Oct 10th, 2021 $20.00 26930 / 236368 9.65
DraftKings NFL Oct 10th, 2021 $27.00 760 / 4319 14.29
DraftKings NFL Oct 10th, 2021 $20.00 31978 / 236368 9.65
DraftKings NFL Oct 10th, 2021 $200.00 152 / 833 54.29
DraftKings NFL Oct 10th, 2021 $33.00 1210 / 7067 13.57
DraftKings NFL Oct 10th, 2021 $300.00 24 / 92 63
DraftKings NFL Oct 10th, 2021 $5.00 6125 / 47562 4

Biggest Scores

Site Sport Date Buy In Rank Points
DraftKings NFL Dec 22nd, 2013 $1500.00 5 / 2015 2943.32 (*)
DraftKings NFL Oct 9th, 2015 $3.00 5 / 568302 2087.56 (*)
DraftKings PGA Jul 15th, 2021 $2120.00 1 / 100 1778.45
DraftKings MLB Aug 17th, 2015 $1060.00 2 / 400 1569.65 (*)
FanDuel NFL Jan 6th, 2017 $300.00 1 / 1202 1357.21
FanDuel NFL Sep 9th, 2018 $1600.00 2 / 234 1357.21
DraftKings NFL Oct 9th, 2015 $3.00 14 / 568302 1125.49 (*)
FanDuel MLB Aug 30th, 2015 $300.00 6 / 2180 1053.07 (*)

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  • Kike Hernandez

    The 2015-2016 NHL mess ups were some of the greatest ever. I think it was actually Garrett Sparks for TOR who was listed as a defensemen (or maybe it happened more than once). Or even better... lets kick it back to the DraftStreet days on that one night w... Read More

    by Gateman07 (Gateman07)

  • How much have you made from DFS?

    I just read through this thread and I understand your frustration, but speaking from experience, I would strongly recommend against this approach. I have been at this grind for a long, long time, and I can say without a doubt that I do better on nights wh... Read More


    by Gateman07 (Gateman07)

  • RotoGrinders Hearthstone Open - Sponsored by Alpha Draft!

    Bummer I was going to register and then I realized that the whole tourney isn't Sunday and I'm leaving for a golf trip on Tuesday. I'll have to catch the next one! Read More

    by Gateman07 (Gateman07)

  • Yahoo DFS: Accounts that routinely share lineups

    He's on vacation with his family - but I'll let him know about this and make sure he chimes in to explain the fact that posers have been targeting his name brand for years when he gets back Read More


    by Gateman07 (Gateman07)

  • Yahoo DFS: Accounts that routinely share lineups

    This is 100% correct... As many longtime members within the community know, Birdwings and I are lifelong friends and I can guarantee you that Birdwings does not play yahoo at all. The account is a troll pretending to be Birdwings. As most pros do, we make ... Read More


    by Gateman07 (Gateman07)

  • Completely Ridiculous DraftKings Policy

    As some have pointed out, it won't destroy RG because they have a large base of active users and are generating new ones regularly. It will certainly hurt however, as they will be losing out of revenue from large volume players who signed up with DraftKin... Read More

    by Gateman07 (Gateman07)

  • How does this happen?

    Its a 3-game slate.... there are only a handful of logical team combinations on a 3 game slate... people cry collusion on mini-slates because people inevitably arrive at the same lineup. Read More


    by Gateman07 (Gateman07)

  • GG Fanduel: Championship Chasing

    Live finals are a great tool for self-promotion, that's really the only reason top players chase them. Beyond the rake itself, a large part of the prize "package" if you do happen to win goes towards putting on the event rather than the prize pool of the e... Read More


    by Gateman07 (Gateman07)

  • $100 DK Ticket for Winter Golf Classic - Proposition

    Honestly, the secret to winning PGA tournaments of that size is knowing absolutely nothing about golf. Golf more than any other DFS sport is a case of "anyone can show up on on any given day", so knowing a lot about golf really isn't much of an advantage in large field GPPs. In cash games sure research is important, but nobody ever wins a golf GPP without owning those one or two < 3% owned guys who just have themselves a week. My suggestion is enter it yourself and have fun with it... you really aren't going to gain that much of an edge by contracting out a PGA lineup build.


    by Gateman07 (Gateman07)


    Congrats man Read More

    by Gateman07 (Gateman07)

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