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Is there a bet365 DFS bonus code? What is the new Daily Lineups option on the bet365 app? We’ll answer all the questions you have about the bet365 fantasy in this article.

It appears that bet365 DFS is getting closer to launch in the U.S.

On Thursday, January 18, 2024, a Daily Lineups feature was spotted on bet365 Sportsbook, mirroring other daily fantasy products with a DFS-like lobby featuring PGA, NHL, NBA, NFL, and UFC contests.

At the time of this writing, the bet365’s Daily Lineups lobby features over $60,000 in guaranteed prize money. Even sweeter? Every contest is Free-To-Play.

The only problem? bet365’s Daily Lineups game is not as widely available as other top DFS apps like DraftKings, FanDuel, PrizePicks, Underdog, and Sleeper.

This version of bet365 Fantasy is only available in bet365 sportsbook states: Colorado, Louisiana, New Jersey, & Ohio

While there’s no exclusive bet365 DFS bonus code, you can still use the bet365 bonus code GRINDERS to sign up and play. Doing so will earn a big bonus in your bet365 account.

The next step in the evolution of bet365 in the United States appears to be DFS, a mainstay here in America that predates legal mobile sports betting by roughly a decade. It’s interesting that bet365, an established sports betting company if there ever was one, now sees daily fantasy sports as a possible source of future growth.

Let’s break down what this all means and what to expect from a bet365 DFS bonus code, site, and mobile app once it’s more widely available.

bet365 DFS Bonus Code Details: What to Expect

Most DFS operators offer a promotion to entice new customers to check out their site. Usually the promotion is a deposit match up to a certain amount, such as $250. This is a great way to get started in DFS with an extra boost to your bankroll. bet365 offers its sportsbook customers $200 in bonus bets when signing up for an account. We expect to see something similar when the company rolls out its DFS product.

Best Daily Fantasy Promotions & Sign-Up Offers

Just about every daily fantasy site gives new customers some sort of welcome promotion. Here is a list of the latest new customer promotions the leading DFS sites offer.

PrizePicks, Underdog, and Sleeper all have “DFS Pick’em” products, allowing users to win real money by making daily fantasy sports predictions on multiple players within a single entry.

We don’t yet know if bet365 will try to compete with the Pick’em sites or more traditional sites. If they choose the former, here’s what you might expect their pick’em product to look like in terms of player projections, based on current bet365 props.

bet365 Props

GamePlayerProp Over/Under
Orioles vs. Red SoxAustin HaysOver/Under 0.5 Player Home Runs
Dodgers vs. TwinsMookie BetsOver/Under 1.5 Player Hits

bet365 props referenced above are for the MLB Week 3, currently available at bet365 sportsbook.

bet365 Expanding to DFS

bet365 recently rolled out a brand new DFS Fantasy “Football” game for the Premier League, the top “football” league in the world. Football, of course, is known as soccer in the US. Soccer is the most popular sport in Europe, but soccer DFS is not very popular in England or elsewhere in Europe. bet365 hopes to change that by convincing people to create their own Premier League DFS lineups each week.

It’s a tall order, particularly in a culture so familiar with and comfortable betting on sports. Why would they want to play fantasy sports when they can already wager on the game? Isn’t that what DFS is? DFS fans in the US would tell you that it is a game of skill, and building a lineup of players takes a lot of strategy, along with some luck, which makes the games more interesting than just putting a few bucks on the home team.

bet365 and Scout Gaming

To achieve its goal of growing DFS in Europe, bet365 has partnered with Scout Gaming Group, a company that develops fantasy sports games and related betting products. Scout Gaming owns and operates, which is a leading DFS operator in Europe. Even prior to its partnership with bet365, Scout Gaming has had its eye on the US DFS market, planning to introduce a US version of its popular Fanteam website and app that would look very familiar to any fan of DFS. With Scout Gaming on board, bet365 appears keen to bring a similar betting product to the dozens of states where DFS is legal.

Fanteam operates throughout Europe, offering DFS for the biggest European sports, including soccer, golf, NFL, F1, cricket, tennis, and even esports. FanTeam even has an office in Delaware, which shows its interest in bringing its DFS platform to the US. However, during testing, we were not able to sign up for an account because, according to its website,, FanTeam isn’t available in America yet.

Fanteam Registration form - currently not available for DFS fans in the US

Scout Gaming seems to be committed to bringing its DFS product to the US at some point in the future. Partnering with bet365 makes sense for both parties because Scout Gaming can help bet365 grow its new DFS product in both Europe and, later, in the US using its own experience and expertise.

When Will bet365 DFS Launch in the US?

This is the big question. We would like to tell you more about the DFS platform bet365 has rolled out for fantasy fans, because if it’s anything like the bet365 sportsbook, it will be very good. However, there have been no announcements in the media, but we sure do hope the bet365 DFS product will arrive in US soon. Similar to the sportsbook rollout of bet365 in the US, the company is taking its time and working on getting things right rather than doing things quickly. This page will be updated whenever bet365 introduces its DFS product in the US.

bet365 DFS States: Where Will it Launch?

DFS is legal in a majority of states. It is available in major states without sports betting, including California, Texas, and even, surprisingly, Utah. Ironically, DFS is not available in some states with legal mobile sports betting, including Indiana and New Jersey. This is because each state regulates sports betting and DFS differently.

This list may change, but we expect bet365 to be in most, if not all, of the following states once they fully launch their DFS product in the US:

More on Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS)

RotoGrinders is your one-stop website for all things daily fantasy related, and that certainly will be the case for bet365 DFS. We have a plethora of DFS site reviews and offer advice on DFS strategies. But we understand that not everyone is familiar with DFS. This section is for those new to DFS. If you’re a DFS pro, feel free to skip this section. We won’t be offended.

Ok, here we go. DFS stands for Daily Fantasy Sports, and it’s similar to fantasy sports, but instead of drafting players and creating a team for the entire season, you do it for one day or week. And instead of having a draft, you create a team using a salary cap structure. That means that each player is assigned a certain “salary”, and you have to pick 8-9 players of various positions, all within a certain salary cap (usually $60,000). Here is a screenshot example of an NFL DFS game, taken from our friends at FanDuel DFS.

Example of an NFL DFS game from Fanduel

Like traditional season-long fantasy sports, the NFL is by far the most popular form of DFS games. NBA is second, followed by golf, baseball, and college football. DFS became very popular in the years before sports betting was legalized in the US. The popularity of DFS has waned a bit since legal sportsbooks have popped up across the country, but millions still enjoy playing DFS games every week. DFS isn’t going anywhere, but whether a new company such as bet365 can compete in the established marketplace dominated by FanDuel and DraftKings is a legitimate question. That said, if anyone can make it work, bet365 can.

Sports Available on bet365 DFS

The following sports are popular on major DFS sites and will likely be available on bet365 DFS once it is up and running in the US:

bet365 DFS Props & Games

Traditional DFS is still very popular, but the market seems to be shifting toward a hybrid model that combines DFS and sports betting. Nowhere is more evident than the sudden rise of Over/Under games offered by leading DFS sites like Sleeper, Monkey Knife Fight, and Vivid Picks. Over/Under games are basically a type of parlay based on player prop bets.

Say you think Patrick Mahomes will have a good game this Sunday. In a traditional DFS game, you would add him to your team and maybe stack him with his favorite target, star TE Travis Kelce. Other DFS players probably have the same strategy, which means you have to find some diamonds in the rough in order to beat the competition. This can get frustrating if you are just a beginner and are always getting creamed by the elite DFS players.

Over/Under and other Prop pick’em games eliminate the competition. You’re only playing against yourself and your picks. If you think Patrick Mahomes will have a good game this Sunday, you can pick him to go over the number of passing yards listed on the site. This pick can be combined with other picks, like Travis Kelce also going over his listed receiving yards. Think Lamar Jackson will throw for two TDs in a different game the same day? Add that pick to your list. The more picks you add, the higher the potential payout. Now you can see how this is similar to a player prop parlay bet offered by a sportsbook. But these are DFS companies, so they are regulated differently.

The bet365 sportsbook available in New Jersey and Colorado offers player prop bets that are available to parlay, but their expansion into DFS would bring this option to states where sports betting is prohibited, including California and Texas. Bringing Bet365’s expertise in traditional betting markets, including player props, to DFS games offered in states without sports betting could be a profitable long-term strategy.

More on bet365

We already have a bet365 review page on RotoGrinders, so we won’t dive too deep into bet365 here. For those who may not be familiar with the brand, which is probably most people since bet365 is only available in two states, bet365 is one of the biggest and most popular sportsbooks in the world. It is available in dozens of countries and is used by millions of bettors worldwide.

As previously discussed, it is curious that the company hasn’t expanded in the US, but we are holding out hope that they will in 2023 and beyond. bet365 offers a sleek, simple interface with some of the best odds and the widest variety of bet types in the industry. If you’re in Ohio, Iowa, Kentucky, Virginia, Colorado or New Jersey, bet365 deserves a spot on your smartphone.

bet365 DFS FAQ

Does bet365 Offer DFS Games?

Yes, bet365 does offer DFS. However, right now it is only available in Europe. bet365 has partnered with Scout Gaming to develop its DFS platform and we are hopeful that they will introduce their DFS games to the US audience sometime in 2023.

Why is bet365 Expanding Into DFS?

There are several DFS operators currently competing with market leaders FanDuel and DraftKings. Similar to the sportsbook industry, which is also dominated by FanDuel and DraftKings, many smaller DFS operators have found success and profitability by introducing new and innovative DFS games and offering a unique user experience. We aren’t sure if bet365 will bring anything new to the DFS industry, but we are excited to learn more about their forthcoming DFS platform.