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SI Sportsbook is a sports betting venture that uses the Sports Illustrated (SI) brand as the front page of a new, innovative sportsbook run by 888 Holdings. Sports Illustrated, the venerable magazine, is now in the sports betting business. Licensing the SI name to a sportsbook company makes sense because SI is one of the most recognizable sports brands in the world.

Of course, the peak of Sports Illustrated’s popularity was before the internet became ubiquitous. With sports highlights now only a few taps on a smartphone screen away, SI as a magazine may have fallen out of favor with the next generation of sports fans, but it is still a popular online brand with a highly visited website and a team of reporters covering every sport.

Sports Illustrated as a Sportsbook

Sports Illustrated is now part of Authentic Brands Group (ABG), a large media company. ABG has big plans for its prized asset, starting with leveraging the brand recognition of SI by licensing its name and integrating its content into a successful sportsbook. Generally, editorial content and sports betting content have been separated, but there has been a blending of the two lately, particularly with sports media companies and sports leagues themselves partnering with sportsbooks. No one is blinking an eye at an established media company adding a sportsbook to its portfolio. In today’s sports betting world, it just makes business sense. 

It may be reasonable for a sports media company to own a sportsbook, and people may trust the content more because SI is still a reliable source for sports news, but SI Sportbook will succeed or fail on its own merits as an online sportsbook. Is SI up to the challenge? Does it provide bettors with a great betting experience to go along with interesting sports content? We will find out in this review and also learn more about its promotions, how its browser and app versions perform during testing, where SI Sportsbook is live, where it is heading next, and more. Let’s dive in.

How to Sign Up for SI Sportsbook

Signing up for an SI Sportsbook account is quick and easy. Start by clicking here. In less than 5 minutes you can be up and running, with money in your account and bets waiting to be made.

  1. If you’re on the browser version, click on the “sign up” button in the upper right corner of the page. Once you do that, you will begin the sign-up process.
  2. You will be asked to confirm your location. If you’re in a state with legal access to SI Sportsbook, like CO, you’re ready to proceed. If you’re not, you will still be able to sign up for an account and make a deposit but you can’t make any real money bets until you are physically in an approved state. 
  3. You will then need to add some personal information so SI Sportsbook can confirm your identity. Giving personal information to any company is always a cause for concern, but SI Sportsbook uses industry-leading technology to keep your information and your money secure. Plus they are regulated by each state in which they operate, so they have to have strict security standards in place to safeguard personal information. Your information is safe with SI Sportsbook. 
  4. After that, you need to provide your email address and create a password and security question so you can access your account. Once that is added in, you’re all set to make a deposit.
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SI Sportsbook Registration Process

States with SI Sportsbook

SI Sportsbook came about after 888 Holdings, a global sports betting company, purchased the licensing rights to the Sports Illustrated brand in early 2021. The owner of the magazine, Authentic Brands Group, licensed the rights of the SI brand to 888, leading to the creation of SI Sportsbook. 888 Holdings paid for the name but owns and manages the actual sportsbook. 888 Sportsbook used to operate in New Jersey, but closed up shop there in 2022. 888 operates in Canada but doesn’t have a presence in the US anymore.

SI Sportsbook is available in the following states:

Additional States

We’ve been speculating for a while that SI Sportsbook will go to New Jersey, Iowa, and Indiana next. However, they haven’t expanded anywhere yet, so we are still in the speculation stage of where SI will go next. Here are some additional states that make sense for SI Sportsbook:

SI Sportsbook Browser Review

Now that we know how SI Sportsbook came to be and that it offers one heck of a new customer promotion, we need to go over the actual sportsbook itself. Is it easy to use? Yes. Does it offer anything that the other 25 sportsbooks in Colorado don’t have? Actually, yes it does have one or two new innovations not used by other sportsbooks. First we will start with the basics before moving on to the new features. 

The basics are there in the browser version, laid out in a familiar way. Top events are prominently featured on the home page, with the day’s upcoming action easily found by scrolling down the page. Live events are featured but are also included in the Live Now tab on the left side of the page. Promotions are featured in a rotating banner ad at the top of the page and in a tab on the left side. There are many odds boosts and bonus bet opportunities available to new and existing customers. Different sports are easy to find and leagues throughout the world are available for wagering. All the aspects you would expect of a sportsbook are available at SI Sportsbook.

upcoming events on the SI Sportsbook website
SI Sportsbook Web-based Platform with Upcoming Events

SI Sportsbook App Review

The app is pretty much a smaller version of the browser experience, which is a good thing. Many more people bet on their phones than on their laptops, so the app experience is more important than the browser experience. If a sportsbook has a solid app, they have a better chance of success in the competitive online sports betting world. On the SI Sportsbook app, load times are fast, all the bets are easily accessible, and the betslip is kept out of the way until you are ready to pull the trigger. 

One nitpick is the size of the fonts. The numbers and letters are tiny! If you wear reading glasses, you’re going to need them to find the bets you want to make. It appears that they want to cram as many game markets into the screen as possible, which they have done at the expense of normal-sized fonts. Other than that the app is smooth and easy to use.

SI Sportsbook App
SI Sportsbook Mobile App Screenshot with Odds

SI Sportsbook Innovations

It is not often that a sportsbook offers something new that is not used by any other operator. SI Sportsbook has three features that separate it from the competition. The first two are the Recommendations section and the Bet Feed section. Both features leverage aggregated customer data to make suggestions on which bets you might be interested in making. SI Sportsbook does a great job of giving you information on what others are betting on so you can make your own decisions on the actual wisdom of the sports betting crowd. This is a useful tool not offered by other sportsbooks. Here’s how it works.


Recommendations takes your own data, including the bets you have made, and keeps them listed in easily accessible tabs. This is useful because most bettors like to keep track of the bets they make and sportsbooks often do not make this information easy to find. But SI Sportsbook goes one step further and analyzes your personal data to find bets you might be interested in making, which are suggested both in the Recommendations section and the betslip itself, right below your picks. This is similar to Amazon recommending products for you based on your search history. It might be a little intrusive to have a sportsbook make suggestions for you, but it is certainly an interesting feature that is sure to catch on in the industry. 

Bet Feed

Bet Feed aggregates user data across the sportsbook and shows users which bets are popular on the site. Some interesting wagers show up on the Feed, which can be sorted into most popular bets (in rank order) and most recent wagers. During testing on a Tuesday afternoon in September, the most popular bets were on the day’s baseball games, but some multi-leg NFL parlays were also in the top 10 along with two top-20 finishes for golfers competing in a low-profile PGA tournament. Four 7-leg parlays were in the top 20 most popular bets, which is intriguing and distressing at once. 

According to our friends at the Action Network, a 7-leg parlay has an implied probability of 1.08%. Basically, you are statistically going to win 1 out of every 100 7-leg parlays you bet on. This is…not a wise betting strategy. But parlays are all the rage these days, so these listed parlays in the Bet Feed probably become even more popular and move up the list because the public thinks someone else knows something they don’t about the bet, which leads them to want to get in on the action. This data aggregation and ranking has been perfected by Amazon and other retailers and has now made its way to the sports betting world, led by SI Sportsbook. 

Perfect 10 Promotion

The third innovative feature offered by SI Sportsbook is the Perfect 10 Promotion. Other sportsbooks have “free” pick-em games for customers to play, where they pick a bunch of games and compete for some sort of prize. SI Sportsbook’s take on that feature is interesting, but also not “free” at all. Here’s why.

The concept is simple enough. Pick 10 NFL games against the spread, and, if you get them all right, you win a share of a weekly $10,000 prize. For each correct pick, you also get $1 in site credit. Not a bad deal…until you read the fine print. In the aforementioned tiny font at the bottom of the page, it says that after two weeks of playing the Perfect 10 promotion, each time you enter you have to wager at least $25 in the sportsbook that week in order to receive the bonus bet credits.

But you can still potentially win part of a $10,000 prize, right? Yes, but the chances of picking 10/10 NFL games against the spread, which would be the same as nailing at 10-leg parlay, is .16%. So if you picked 10 games 1000 times, you would pick all 10 correctly 16 times. If you’re going to bet at least $25 each week at SI Sportsbook anyway, you may as well try your hand at picking 10 NFL games and earning a few bucks in bonus credits. Otherwise this promotion offers little value. 

SI Sportsbook Markets

A market is a type of bet. A moneyline bet on the Lakers is one market. A spread bet on the Seahawks is another market. Over 45 on the Browns/Chiefs game would be a third market, and so on. One MLB or NBA game often has hundreds of different markets available to wager on, mostly related to player props and alternate lines. The Super Bowl could have thousands because of all the different prop bets. Here are some of the markets available at SI Sportsbook:

Available Sports on SI Sportsbook

Like most sportsbooks, SI Sportsbook offers no shortage of sports to bet on, though the operator doesn’t dive quite as deep into the lesser-known sports as its competition. If you are more interested in mainstream sports, SI has you covered. For example, hockey is a mainstream sport, of course, but on SI Sportsbook you can bet on not only the NHL but all the European leagues as well. If you’re into Swiss or Swedish hockey, you’re all set. Here are all the top sports offered by SI Sportsbook:

SI Sportsbook Banking Options 

A sportsbook is only as good as its banking options. If you can’t easily deposit and withdraw funds from your account, you are going to take your business elsewhere. SI Sportsbook has some solid options but is missing a few major payment methods, including PayPal and Skrill. 

Remember that your money and banking information are safe and secure at SI Sportsbook and any other regulated sportsbook. Each state has strict regulations that explicitly detail how sportsbooks are required to keep your money and information safe. Unlike offshore sportsbooks, you don’t have to worry about whether you will be able to easily make a withdrawal from your account. Most of the time your money is transferred in minutes. Here are the banking options offered by SI Sportsbook:

Deposit and withdrawal methods can vary by state due to local laws. Keep this in mind as SI Sportsbook grows its operation.


Where is SI Sportsbook available?

SI Sportsbook is currently live in Colorado, Virginia, and Michigan. The company has indicated that it will launch in Iowa, Indiana, and New Jersey sometime soon. After that, it’s anyone’s guess where SI Sportsbook will venture to, but possible landing spots include Arizona, Louisiana, and Maryland.

What makes SI Sportsbook different from other sportsbooks?

SI Sportsbook uses data in a different way than other sportsbooks. Taking a page from online retailers, it uses customer data to offer new bet suggestions and displays popular bets that people are making on the site. This is similar to Amazon offering suggested items to purchase based on someone’s browsing and buying history. It definitely works for Amazon, and it might work for SI Sportsbook as well. If someone likes to take NFL underdogs on the moneyline, having additional information about NFL underdogs show up on the sportsbook app would be useful and relevant to them. Sportsbooks collect all kinds of information about their users, but few use that information in as creative a way as SI Sportsbook.