NBA DFS Expert Survey: Sunday, April 14th

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Our panel of experts is here to give you their NBA DFS advice for the upcoming slate by answering a handful of questions to help you make crucial lineup-building decisions. Want to know squirrelpatrol’s favorite tournament play? Or Noto’s favorite salary saver? Find out below!

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NBA DFS Picks: DraftKings Expert Survey for Sunday, April 14

Which useful trend or statistic stuck out most during your research?

tcsmith031: Jalen Brunson is sporting an elite 36.2% usage rate so far this season with Julius Randle off the floor. He’s also contributing 1.36 FP/minute, and we have him projected to play 37 minutes today in a meaningful game for the Knicks.

Krayton: The New York Knicks continue to be the team where we can consistently project their minutes and rotations. Jalen Brunson has seen between 35-43 minutes in his last 9 games except for one outlier game against Boston where he was in for 30 minutes. He has also gone for over 60 DK points in 4 out of the last games, and the Knicks are still playing for playoff seeding.

TastefulTides: In a 299-minute sample size with Garland, Mitchell, and LeVert off the court Craig Porter has a 22% usage rate, a 31% assist rate, and a 10% rebound rate. Given the price, matchup, and increased role, he will be a lock button play for me.

TJ Zwarych: The New York Knicks have 3 players projected for at least 37 minutes and are still battling for seeding in the Eastern Conference. On a day that it’ll be tough to accurately project minutes for the majority of the teams, they’re the safest lock to be on the court and likely to produce.

Who is your top overall play (when considering price, matchup, roster construction, etc.) on the board and why?

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