PrizePicks Taco Tuesday Promotion Explained: Savor the Flavor of Winning


If you’re asking What is Taco Tuesday on PrizePicks?, chances are you’ve already used our PrizePicks referral code (if you haven’t, now is a good time!). On top of the $100 bonus you get for signing up, PrizePicks extends their gratuity every Tuesday to existing users with this popular DFS promotion.

Taco Tuesday is a term that resonates with food enthusiasts and bargain hunters alike. However, in the realm of daily fantasy sports, it’s taken on a whole new meaning thanks to PrizePicks. The PrizePicks Taco Tuesday promotion has become a buzzword on social media amongst fantasy sports enthusiasts, blending the excitement of gaming with the universal appeal of tacos. In this article, we’ll explain exactly how Taco Tuesdays work and why it’s gaining traction in the fantasy sports community.

But before we unwrap the details of Taco Tuesday, let’s make sure you understand the platform that is serving the promotion. PrizePicks is an innovative DFS app that allows players to pick More/Less on player stats in various sports. It’s simple, engaging, and offers a unique twist to traditional fantasy sports.

What is Taco Tuesday on PrizePicks?

Taco Tuesday on PrizePicks is a weekly promotion available to all PrizePicks users. The promotion entails discounted player projections, which can be used for one entry and a maximum $25 buy-in.

This promotion adds an extra layer of excitement to your typical Tuesday fantasy sports experience and gives you something to look forward to at the start of every week. While PrizePicks has various promotions both for new and existing users, Taco Tuesday is by far the most popular recurring promotion in DFS.

How Does Taco Tuesday Work?

On Taco Tuesdays, PrizePicks discounts several players on the live board. These discounts range anywhere from 10-25%, which amounts to a massive edge for PrizePicks users playing on Tuesdays.

But first, the players and stat types must be chosen. One of the cooler aspects of Taco Tuesdays is that PrizePicks lets its members and community decide which player statistics will be discounted. Voting takes place in the members-only discord and on PrizePicks Twitter, also known as the “Taco Bar,” as shown below.

Once the offer is live, the discounted player’s headshot will be replaced with a taco, so that you can easily find these limited-time opportunities on the PrizePicks app.

Let’s turn to a previous PrizePicks board for our Taco Tuesday example:

taco-tuesday-example-2-300x300 taco-tuesday-example-300

The taco above was available for several hours during the day before being replaced with an NHL taco:


Taking advantage of Taco Tuesday is one of the most +EV (positive expected value) opportunities you’ll find on PrizePicks and is pivotal if you want to build your bankroll there.

Another nice aspect about Taco Tuesdays is that PrizePicks makes sure Tacos are protected in case the player is injured. Their “Spoiled (Injured) Taco” policy goes into effect under the following circumstances:

How Profitable are PrizePicks Tacos?

Earlier I mentioned that PrizePicks and Taco Tuesdays have become extremely popular on social media. In fact, there’s even a dedicated Twitter account, fittingly titled Prize Picks Taco Tracker, that updates the record of this promotion every week.

According to the account, PrizePicks Tacos are 118-30 for the year! That’s an 80% win rate. Wow.

Of course, don’t forget that you have to pair these discounted Tacos with another winning pick to cash in. So merely having a winning Taco pick isn’t sufficient for winning money, but it at least gets you one leg closer.

Making the Most of PrizePicks Taco Tuesday

First, make sure to stay informed. Taco opportunities are only available for a few hours. Keep an eye on PrizePicks’ social media channels and your email for announcements about the latest Taco Tuesday promotions. Or just put a weekly reminder on your calendar for Taco Tuesdays if you have to.

Additionally, there are a couple of strategies and tips I’d like to touch on to help you profit with PrizePicks Taco Tuesdays that we haven’t already discussed.

The first one is to build your PrizePicks entries with correlated plays. In other words, if CeeDee Lamb’s receiving yards are featured on a Tuesday, consider pairing him with a Dak Prescott passing over.

The two player performances are correlated with one another. So if Dak has a big game, Lamb is likely to be a beneficiary, and hopefully both players will go over their projected stats and combine for a winning PrizePicks entry.

The second PrizePicks strategy is to use Taco Tuesdays to find middling opportunities. To middle means to make a pick on both sides at different projections, attempting to win both.

Let’s again use CeeDee Lamb as an example. Earlier this season, Lamb’s receiving yards were discounted from 85.5 to 59.5 yards. That’s a fairly wide middle opportunity, with 26 yards separating the two picks. In this case, I would take LESS Than 85 yards in one entry but pick MORE than 59.5 yards in my second entry.

According to the Prize Picks Taco Tracker, there have been 38 middles this year.

PrizePicks Taco Tuesday Conclusion

If you’re playing on PrizePicks, then including Taco Tuesday promotions in your entries is a must. There’s no excuse to ignore the discounted prices, which typically range between 10-25%.
This promotion has become popular not only because it’s advantageous to its users, but also because PrizePicks allows its community to have a say in weekly offers

You can find similar player discounts on Underdog Fantasy, Sleeper, and other apps like PrizePicks, but these companies have not promoted them as successfully as Taco Tuesdays.

Finally, make sure to use the strategies outlined in this article to make the most of PrizePicks Taco Tuesdays – and of course, follow relevant Twitter accounts, check your email, and set alerts to make sure you don’t miss out on a warm taco!

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