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NOTE: A new method of measuring the accuracy of our analysts is coming soon. Stay tuned to this page in the near future!

What is the Accuracy Ranking System?: Accuracy Rankings are based on the point-per-dollar production of the players ranked, with higher-ranked players accounting for a higher weight of a ranker’s score. A ranker’s performance on the day is set against the performance of the other rankers on that day, in order for us to gain a clear picture of where rankers stack up against one another from day to day. Click here for a more detailed explanation.

Note: CVR Standings are Updated Each Tuesday at 2 PM ET.

NBA Rankings 2018-2019 Season

FanDuel NBA Rankings DraftKings NBA Rankings
Rank Expert Score Rank Expert Score
1 kirkdiese 53.42% 1 kirkdiese 61.39%
2 headChopper 51.69% 2 naapstermaan 55.50%
3 Notorious 48.09% 3 squirrelpatrol 51.25%
4 SBK 47.57% 4 BigT44 49.96%
5 meansy53 41.62% 5 dean78904 46.67%
6 a25smith 41.15% 6 SBK 44.79%
7 squirrelpatrol 39.01% 7 a25smith 42.78%
8 naapstermaan 37.05% 8 headChopper 40.56%
9 dean78904 35.26% 9 meansy53 38.33%
10 BigT44 30.67% 10 Notorious 37.26%

NFL Rankings – 2018 Season

FanDuel NFL Rankings DraftKings NFL Rankings
Rank Expert Score Rank Expert Score
1 stlcardinals84 54.29% 1 naapstermaan 57.14%
2 MrTuttle05 53.62% 2 stlcardinals84 56.34%
3 naapstermaan 52.38% 3 squirrelpatrol 54.59%
4 squirrelpatrol 48.81% 4 MrTuttle05 51.20%
5 meansy53 48.80% 5 meansy53 47.03%
6 Notorious 47.51% 6 Notorious 45.59%
7 gneiffer07 42.70% 7 gneiffer07 44.25%

MLB Rankings – 2018 Season

FanDuel MLB Rankings DraftKings MLB Rankings
Rank Expert Score Rank Expert Score
1 BigT44 54.44% 1 BigT44 55.23%
2 dean78904 53.78% 2 dean78904 53.65%
3 meansy53 52.16% 3 SBK 52.99%
4 naapstermaan 50.21% 4 a25smith 51.40%
5 pepsi7 48.37% 5 meansy53 50.50%
6 Notorious 46.81% 6 pepsi7 49.33%
7 kirkdiese 45.61% 7 kirkdiese 47.25%
8 stlcardinals84 45.55% 8 naapstermaan 46.65%
9 a25smith 45.32% 9 stlcardinals84 46.56%
10 CheeseIsGood 45.02% 10 squirrelpatrol 45.78%

Click here to view final CVR standings for previous seasons.

How the Accuracy Ranking System Works

• The scoring system for our Consensus Value Rankings compares how each expert does against other experts ranking that day. It is broken down by position, and each ranker is given a score based on how well their players did that day/week on a $/pt basis. Let’s use a day of MLB as an example, starting with first basemen:

• For each ranked First Baseman, we use the following formula for each player ranked:

[Player Points per Dollar] * (([Max Rank] +1) – [Player Rank])

• Where “Max Rank” is the number of players ranked at that position (in this example, our experts usually rank five 1Bs), and “Player Rank” is the rank the expert gave that player.

• That formula gives us a “score” for each first baseman that expert ranked. We then add up all those points for their total “1B Score”. Note that in this system, players ranked #1 get more total points than players ranked #2, etc.

• Here is an example using the above formula (PPD = Points per Dollar, and the number in parentheses is where the expert had him ranked):

• The players are: Miguel Cabrera): 5.56 PPD, Anthony Rizzo): 3.88 PPD, David Ortiz): 8.89 PPD, Jose Abreu): 8.56 PPD, Freddie Freeman): 6.92 PPD.

(5.56 * 5) + (3.88 * 2) + (8.89 * 1) + (8.56 * 3) + (6.92 * 4) = 97.78

• We calculate this for each expert, rank them from 1-n, where n is the number of experts that provided rankings that day, and then give them “Accuracy Points” based on their rank. For example, if there are 12 experts, the one with the highest total score for first basemen gets 12 points, next highest gets 11, etc, down to the last place guy getting 1 point.

• We then follow this process for each other position (P/2B/3B/SS/OF/C) to get a total amount of “Accuracy Points”.

• Since there are 7 positions and 12 experts in this example, the maximum number of Accuracy Points any one expert could get would be 84 (12 max points per position * 7 positions). Therefore we take the final number and divide it by 84 to get that expert’s Accuracy Score for the day.

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