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Blog Program Prizes & Structure

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Blog Program Update

Do you want to have your voice heard? Do you have some ideas that you want to share with the world? Do you want to get into the fantasy sports writing world? If any of those are true, then blogging might be for you!

The RotoGrinders blog program is one of the few places where you can write and can get PAID for it. To get started on your own blog, go here, and hit the blue NEW button at the top of the page!!

In an effort to get more quality bloggers and a wider variety of posts, we have updated our Blogs Review process and the prizes awarded.

Any Grinder can blog! There is an approval process, however, to ensure blogs meet our quality standards. There may be a delay while our team reviews your blog for Quality Control.

Remember to “Mark for Review” so that your blogs are sent for approval to our editors!

Blog Awards Criteria

The blog awards will be paid out through the following important criteria:

— Blogs being of high quality that are featured (number of featured blogs)
— Number of ‘likes’ or ‘pluses’ from readers on your individual blogs and overall
— Number of social media shares via Facebook or Twitter
— Google Analytics that show page views and unique page views
— Positive feedback in the comment sections of your blogs

Monthly Blogger Awards

Blogger of the Month – $200
Blogger of the Month Runner-Up – $100

- This will be decided based on the combined totals of the factors listed above as Blog Awards Criteria

Best Individual Blog Post of the Month – $75

- There’s no four blog minimum anymore, so this is an award for bloggers who might not have time to write the minimum blog number but still have a couple of great ideas for pieces. Again, this will be determined by the criteria listed in the Blog Awards Criteria section.

Funniest/Most Interesting Blog of the Month: $50

- This is a subjective pick by our RG Staff as to who has the most original and enjoyable read for the month.

Best Blog Post from a New Blogger – $50

NOTE: Best blog post from a ‘New Blogger’. A ‘New Blogger’ constitutes someone who has been blogging on RG for under two months. This is again subject to qualifying under the Blog Awards Criteria listed above.

Best Specialist Blog Award: One free month of the RotoGrinders Specialist Package

- Award given to the best blog covering a sport outside of the core four, such as NHL, MMA, SOC, CFB, CBB, WNBA, or eSports.

Examples of Top Blogs

Fading the Chalk Series — A daily recap in the NBA, discussing head-to-head matchups with the best in DFS.
The Single Bullet Series — Daily one-lineup strategy and picks.
Gettin’ Jiggy with DFS SeriesNBA strategy and in-depth breakdowns
NBA Strategy 101: No Christmas Break for Grinders – An old-school but popular blog, written by none other than Notorious
The Odds and Ends of NBA by Hambazaza
OMGz Dat Was Fast: A SpecialBlend Story by Naapstermaan
NBA $1 to $100 Challenge: Goal Achieved! by JimFred – JimFred82 walks you through his path of turning $1 into $100 the Grind ole’ fashioned way.
In Defense of High-Priced RBs – JackAndSoda makes the argument on why you can spend more at the RB position
Spending $100 on an NFL Sunday by Naapstermaan

Blogging Tips and Tricks

If you are interested in blogging and want a few tips on how to make your blog stand out from the rest, RG blogger and contributor Josh Cole wrote an article that covers everything from formatting, to adding images, to creating tables:

Blogging Tips and Tricks.

Blog Terms & Conditions

1) All blogs must be of original writing content only on RotoGrinders. Any blogs that are plagiarized or copied from another website of the writer will be deleted, and blogger may be banned.

2) To be eligible to receive blogger rewards, all bloggers must upload a quality avatar image to their RotoGrinders profile, as all bloggers’ avatars are displayed on the homepage when a blog is published.

3) To have a blog become eligible for a cash prize or to be featured on the homepage, you’ll still need to have a quality blog. Proper grammar, images and quality formatting will all be required in order to be considered. If you have any formatting questions, just email us.

4) RotoGrinders possesses the power to delete any blogs that possess information deemed to be overly offensive to our reading audience.

5) RotoGrinders possesses sole discretion as to whether a blog is “of quality” to be published in the “Blogs” section of RotoGrinders.

6) RotoGrinders possesses sole discretion as to whether a blog is “of quality” to be featured on the homepage of RotoGrinders or to receive a Cash prize listed above.

7) No spamming or promoting external sites or use of personal affiliate codes. Links to outside personal blogs or any promotion of competitor sites will be removed.

8) We have a 600-word minimum for all text-only blogs, to ensure quality standards. All blogs must be DFS or sports betting related.

9) No outside images may be included in user blogs. Only images hosted to RotoGrinders servers may be used. These images can be found on player pages using the “Player Search” feature, or in any article on the site. If you have an image that you have created that you would like to use in a blog, it can be included after it is uploaded to our servers by an editor, but other outside images (that are not original creations) are not allowed.

If you have any questions, feel free to email and we would be happy to answer any and all concerns. Good luck and we look forward to reading your entries.

About the Author

Allan Lem (fathalpert)

Allan Lem (aka fathalpert) began playing fantasy sports in high school and transitioned to DFS in 2015. He graduated from UC Berkeley with a degree in Economics and lives in California with his wife and two kids. Allan got his break in the industry covering Preseason NBA content. He is currently the Social Media Manager for RotoGrinders, ScoresAndOdds, and FantasyLabs. Follow Allan on Twitter – @AllanLemDFS