MLB DFS Expert Survey: Sunday, April 14th

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Our panel of experts is here to give you their MLB DFS advice for today’s main slate contests by answering a handful of questions to help you make crucial lineup-building decisions. Want to know CheeseIsGood’s favorite sneaky stack? Or STLCards’ top overall pitcher? Find out below!

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MLB DFS Picks: DraftKings & FanDuel Expert Survey for Sunday, April 14

How do you plan to beat the field of opponents? What tactic or strategy will set you apart?

STLCardinals84: I am going to be significantly overweight on three pitchers today: Wheeler, Burnes, and Ragans. There are a lot of very good pitchers going this afternoon, and it’s easy to try to get exposure to all of them. However, I think these three have the best combination of safety and upside on this slate, and they will be the core options in my player pool.

Krayton: This is the first slate where I will be overweight on the expensive pitchers, as I have been playing quite a few cheaper pitcher options to start the season. Corbin Burnes gets to face his former team for the first time. Zack Wheeler gets a nice matchup at home, and he has pitched at least 6 innings in each of his 3 starts. Cole Ragans has just as much K upside as Burnes and Wheeler, and we get a discount on him. I also like this spot for Jose Berrios against the Rockies; he will round out my pitching pool. I will be more spread out on stacks today. The Orioles, Blue Jays, Yankees, and the Reds are my favorites that I will be looking to fully stack.

tcsmith031: I don’t see much of a need to mess around at pitcher today. I’ll eat the chalk with Corbin Burnes, Zack Wheeler, and Jose Berrios. I will try to get different with bats instead. On this slate, I doubt I’ll get to more than 20% of any single team in stacks, as I’m planning on spreading things around on the hitting side.

TJ Zwarych: The Milwaukee Brewers have been one of the best offenses in baseball early in the season. I doubt they’ll be this potent all year long, but I’ll ride the hot streak and be underweight on Corbin Burnes while being overweight on Zack Wheeler, Cole Ragans, and Jose Berrios.

Who is your top overall pitcher (when considering price, matchup, projected ownership, etc.) on the board and why?

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