RG CEO, Cal Spears, Wins DraftKings Millionaire Maker

Heading into the late afternoon games, RotoGrinders.com co-founder and CEO, Cal Spears, found himself with a great lineup that had put up 194 fpts.

There was a problem, however, as he had faded Todd Gurley and all the big names in the expected shootout between the Packers and Cowboys. His lone remaining player was Packers RB Aaron Jones, who headed into the game with a bit of a uncertainty but was the de facto starter for the Packers with Ty Montgomery officially ruled out. At 5.1% ownership it was a risk worth taking. The bigger risk, however, was fading the likes of Zeke, Dak, Rodgers, and Jordy in his winning lineup.

As the game progressed though, Jones continued to put up numbers, including a first half touchdown. When he crossed the 100-yard threshold in the second half, the three-point yardage bonus would catapult Cal into the lead, and he sent out a tweet showing that he had quite the sweat in front of him.

There was still plenty of play left behind him, with one of the contenders right behind him, 7bushes, having both Jimmy Graham and Martellus Bennett remaining and another with Zeke. The Rams/Seahawks game finished and Cal continued to hold the lead, and now he looked as if he only needed to fade a monster finish from Zeke and a couple big plays from Marty B. Remembering the famous phrase from last season’s Sunday Night Sweats show with Joey Ingram, Cal sent out another tweet…

The Cowboys took the lead but left enough time for Aaron Rodgers and the Packers to drive down the field. A nice completion to Marty B. put 7bushes one completion to the Packers TE away from passing Cal, but Spears would get a little breathing room when the Packers ran a draw play to Jones for nearly 15 yards. A FG would tie the game – an outcome Spears certainly didn’t want as that would provide plenty of scoring opportunities for other players. A Rodgers to Davante Adams TD pass with less than 15 seconds remaining meant that all that was left was fading a fluke Zeke play.

Here’s the last play of the game as captured by Brian Hourigan, one of our employees.

It was scary for a moment there as Zeke touched the ball and started dashing down the field, but it would all end well for Cal and he would finish atop for the million dollar first-place prize!

Here’s a look at the final standings and Cal’s winning lineup which included only two players at 10%+ ownership in Melvin Gordon and Antonio Brown (those two put up 66 fpts) and had the Hoyer-Kittle (21.3 fpts from a minimum priced TE) 49ers combo for salary savings. He also faded busts like Gurley, Le’Veon Bell, and DeVante Parker. Celebrating after his crowing moment, Cal took time to send me a quick text with this simple phrase that summed up his day.

Play George Kittle!

β€” Check out ResultsDB for Cal’s ownership across his 30 lineups! β€”

BigT44 Wins Big Too

Meanwhile, over in Kentucky (which is, ironically, Cal’s home state), Tony Niehaus, aka BigT44, was riding his own Kittle’s and Bit’s lineup to the top of the leaderboard in the Wildcat (as well as two top 10 finishes in the Milly Maker) for a impressive day for the top-ranked Grinder at DraftKings. BigT sent out a screenshot afterwards…

Congrats Tony! Here’s a look at the final Wildcat standings and BigT’s lineup.

About the Author

  • Aaron Hendrix (thehazyone)

  • Aaron Hendrix is a former professional poker player who made the transition from season long fantasy sports to DFS in October of 2014. He used to cover poker tournaments for a living until stepping into his current role at RotoGrinders. He can be found on Twitter at @aaronhendrix


  • WidumBoise

    Ship it holla, yall!

  • madmanjayWV

    EZ$$$$ :)

  • longashes

    good job

  • Evavel7

    man what is it that yall aint tellin us


    • Ranked #82

      RG Tiered Ranking

    Ugg need to get the bankroll to play these high stakes had 180’s with Gurley and zeke :(

  • zeppelin46

    DAAAAMMMNNN!!! Congrats to him. I’m with Parkerempire. I need to get the bankroll in order to play the high stakes. Hell as “newbie” at fantasy football (this is my second season) I hit 220 once, and seems like I can’t even get above 147.

  • vbarias

  • Roma315

    Nice scores!

  • edro990

    Congrats Cal, nice win……….

  • BigDYo

    Please tell me how on earth did he arrive on the Kittle Stack? If you played Hoyer, I would think one of the WR’s would have been stacked, not Kittle.

  • jimfred82

    • Blogger of the Month

    Nice, Cal! Now, don’t quit your day job, okay…? :)

  • fanfighter

    If this doesn’t give Rotogrinders credibility, then I don’t know what does. Man, I thought about using Hoyer, but I used Brissett and TY instead. I played Hoyer and Kittle when they played the Rams. I had Garcon in some of my lineups and everybody had TY. Nice win.

  • Njsum1

    @BigDYo said...

    Please tell me how on earth did he arrive on the Kittle Stack? If you played Hoyer, I would think one of the WR’s would have been stacked, not Kittle.

    If you needed a min priced TE Kittle wasn’t a bad option. He was the bare minimum, in a good matchup, has talent, and had been seeing a few targets per game over the last few. For $2500 I considered him, yet ultimately passed πŸ˜‚, yet I can see for sure why he would garner some ownership, albeit a small percentage.

    Congrats..Cal and Tony, nice job

  • Beckhams3Fingers

    He entered 150 LUs. I’m sure not all of them had Kittle. And I’m sure he wasn’t 100% Hoyer either. Just luck of the draw. You have to be mind-boggling lucky to take down the milly. Helps if you can max enter too. Hint: one of the more popular NFL stack optimizers had Kittle with Hoyer as the best value stack, if you were going to go QB, WR, TE. Or just QB, TE. Not like there were many other TEs to choose from though.

  • nvalencia30

    • x2

      2014 FAFC Finalist

    • 2015 FAWBC Finalist

    Cal had 30 entries in the Milly Maker, not 150. Kittle was on 3 of those teams. It’s right there in the article: https://rotogrinders.com/contest-results/45838699?screen_name=GrindersCal

  • CUTiger81

    Love seeing the RG team ball out. Well done.

  • johnbon12

    BigT was all over Kittles on the AM Pod with Crain and Meansy Sunday. Well done, Congrats T,and thanks guys !!

  • rhsinyc

    Even if you have 150 entries, its is EXTREMELY difficult to take down a large field like that. Congrats Cal and Big T !! #RGShipShow

  • theseige

    • 188

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    • 2015 DraftKings FFWC Finalist

    • x2

      2016 DraftKings FBBWC Finalist

    @BigDYo said...

    Please tell me how on earth did he arrive on the Kittle Stack? If you played Hoyer, I would think one of the WR’s would have been stacked, not Kittle.

    If you thought the Colts were gonna be playing from in front you’d project SF to throw the ball so Hyde was out and if you projected Vontae Davis to shadow Garcon that either left boom/bust Goodwin or a solid rookie TE for cheap who plays a ton of snaps

    Wish I had thought about it BEFORE lock like these GOATS did

  • Jman62

    Congrats Cal …Awesome

  • chiefjustICE06

    • 89

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    • Ranked #66

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    • 2017 FanDuel WFBC Finalist

    • 2018 FanDuel WFBBC Finalist

    Congrats gents!

  • Beckhams3Fingers

    @nvalencia30 said...

    Cal had 30 entries in the Milly Maker, not 150. Kittle was on 3 of those teams.

    My bad, I thought I saw him maxed yesterday when I looked at the live contest. 10% Kittle. What a sick ship!

  • rappy3213

    Congratulations to both of you. I just wish i could get over 120 on one of my lineups. Please give me some insight on what you guys do. I only play gpps and only due one entry.

  • Sakelele

    So cool…well done…would be even more amazing marketing if RG member / affiliate could bang a 2nd in a row…lets all get to work gentlemen…bring your best plays to the table.

  • ShowboatKing

    Any β€œHaters” can pound sand! If you play daily, everyone that does knows how hard it is to just cash, yet alone knock down a Millymaker. Well done Cal….Congrats!

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