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Anyone interested in DFS or Best Ball should dive right into Drafters Fantasy Sports. Drafters offers daily and weekly snake drafts for NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, and PGA along with Best Ball tournaments including two massive contests for the upcoming NFL season.

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Drafters Fantasy Contests

Drafters Fantasy Sports has games for the major North American sports leagues (NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL) along with PGA. Players can enter snake drafts ranging from head to head matchups to 12 team contests. Snake drafts are available for daily and season-long games, with draft speed options available depending on how busy you might be when you want to build your team.

There are also Rank ‘Em games that let you make a variety of picks and rank them based on where you stack them up. Each player will have a multiplier based on your rankings prior to the start of the first game. As an example, in a 6-man team Rank ‘Em game, your top ranked player will have a 6X multiplier. Your next highest rank player will have a 5X multiplier, and so on, applied to the fantasy points totals. The highest total at the end of the slate wins!

Drafters Fantasy Sports Mobile App

Best Ball Tournaments

There’s no better time to get back into the football groove than Best Ball. While some DFS players will dabble in pre-season matchups, Best Ball offers players the chance to pre-emptively build season-long teams prior to Week 1 kickoff. Your best possible lineup will be used each week which means you won’t have to kick yourself for your bench players outscoring your live players. You won’t have to worry about forgetting to set your lineups. And you won’t have to frantically make last minute adjustments when a star player is ruled inactive minutes before kickoff. Simply do your pre-draft homework here at RotoGrinders, sign up at Drafters, select a league in the lobby, start drafting your team and follow along each week to win your matchups.

I promise it’s not too good to be true. The Best Ball format really does take the best part of season-long fantasy – the draft – and allows players to build teams for the entire NFL season without having to worry about all of the inconveniences of managed leagues. Once teams are drafted, there’s no bench management, waiver wire, or trading involved. The best possible score according to the league’s roster requirements will be used from week to week without requiring you to manually make changes to your lineups. This is exactly why it’s manageable to draft up to 150 teams! Remember when more than three fantasy teams seemed like too much? Those days are gone!

There are two major Best Ball tournaments on Drafters. The Best Ball Championship features a $50,000 guaranteed prize pool with $10,000 to 1st place. Entry is just $5.50 with up to 150 entries available per Drafter. The larger prize pool tournament is the $100,000 guaranteed Best Ball Championship II. With a top prize of $25,000 and just $11 to enter, Drafters Best Ball Championship tournament is an amazing way to compete in season-long fantasy with a massive prize awaiting the best team. There are just over 10,000 entries in the tournament, which is certainly a manageable field of competitors to beat with your drafted teams.

Best Ball Roster Structure

QB – 1
RB – 2
WR – 3
TE – 1
Flex – 1
Bench – 12

Your team will be automatically set each week with the highest performers available from your roster.

Fantasy Scoring

Drafters features similar scoring to other fantasy sites. Note that it’s a full PPR (point per reception) so that will definitely be something to factor when planning your draft strategy. In PPR leagues, there’s a higher premium on target volume for receivers and running backs.

Best Ball Championship – Tournament Format

The Best Ball Championship contests run from week 1 through 17. The drafts are broken down into pools of 12 owners to accommodate the drafting of over 10,000 teams. Unlike other Best Ball tournaments that feature seeding for the first 14 or so weeks within those pools, once your 12-team pool is done drafting, each team is thrown back into the field and it’s then up to the highest fantasy scores to earn the top prizes.

Draft Times

Drafters offers two draft speeds to accommodate players who want to fly through multiple teams and those who prefer to methodically analyze their picks. Fast drafts give players 30 seconds to make their selections while slow drafts give 8 hours between picks, allowing you more more time for research and strategy. If you’re in a fast draft, make sure to have access to reliable internet connect and don’t forget to keep your pre-draft notes handy.

Best Ball Strategy

We’ll be producing more Best Ball content during the lead up to the NFL season kickoff but there are some general strategies that players can utilize as they draft teams for tournaments. While Best Ball is touted for its simplicity—and rightfully so—the format is relatively new to most people, which means a lot of the field (i.e., your competition!) isn’t drafting optimally. There are nuances that, if you take into consideration, will give you a leg-up on the field and will help make you money at the season’s end.

Prioritize players with high ceilings, play for upside

This is more of a boom or bust approach, but boom or bust is exactly what you should be going for in these large-field Best Ball tournaments. Since you have your entire roster at your disposal week to week and don’t have to make any sit or start decisions, players’ ceilings become far more important. It’s great to find players with a high-floor and high-ceiling, but in later rounds it’s time to go for the hail mary. Look for players like MeCole Hardman, Marquise Brown, and John Brown. These receivers may have low floors, but are explosive, deep play threats, making them capable of putting up 100+ yards and multiple touchdowns in any give week. In fact, they may only need a few touches to do so. When they inevitably have a floor performances, you have a handful of other receivers on your roster who will suffice.


If you’ve played NFL DFS, you know how valuable it is to use stacks in your lineups. A stack is when you use players from the same team. Most of the time these players are correlated. For example, you may stack a quarterback with his receiver, a quarterback with his tight end, or a quarterback with a receiver and tight end. You can also make stacks with a team’s quarterback, running back, and wide receiver/tight end — of course, particularly in DFS, you will you need to make sure your running back is reliable pass-catching threat from the backfield. For Best Ball, however, you can actually extend your stacking range. If you believe strongly in the Tennessee Titans’ offense, it may make sense to draft Ryan Tannehill and Derrick Henry on the same team. It’s unlikely both players will have ceiling games in the same week, but if you think the Titans will score a lot of points throughout the season, then both players will likely pay off over the course of the season.

Where is Drafters Available?

Drafters Fantasy Sports is available for users in the United States and Canada, however real money games are unavailable for residents of Alabama, Arizona, Delaware, Hawaii, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Louisiana, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and Washington.

Depositing on Drafters

Deposit using PayPal or credit card.

Drafters Fantasy Sports app

Drafters offers a browser-based version of the app along with dedicated mobile apps on iOS and Android.

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