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Daily Fantasy Sports sites have never been simpler and winning has never been easier. At ThriveFantasy, a prop-based daily fantasy platform, simplicity is key. The available game modes, whether you’re a novice or an expert, are made so that users can thrive. In this ThriveFantasy review, we’ll show you why the platform has become one of the top sites for prop and DFS lovers alike. Also, make sure to take advantage of ThriveFantasy promotions, highlighted below.

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What is ThriveFantasy?

Founded in 2017, and currently operating in 33 U.S. states plus Canada, ThriveFantasy has its users pick props for key players from the respective slate. This ThriveFantasy promotion is available in every jurisdiction in which ThriveFantasy operates

Picking player props has become more and more popular in the DFS industry, in large part due to its simplicity. This format saves time, keeping research to a minimum by including only well-known players. This allows contestants to focus on what they know best rather than strategizing around lineup construction, late swap, ownership projections, etc.

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What Makes ThriveFantasy Different?

Props-based DFS hybrid sites have proliferated the industry in recent years, but ThriveFantasy isn’t your run-of-the-mill prop platform. At most places, you’re asked to pick over or under specific statists for certain players, ultimately pitting you against the “house.” While you still have that option available to you in the Prop Lobby, ThriveFantasy also has a Contest Lobby where users compete with each other for major cash prizes in what is essentially a prop pick’em contest. This makes ThriveFantasy especially unique among props-based DFS sites, combining two things that DFS players love most: props and GPP-style, peer-to-peer tournaments for major cash prizes.

DFS contests you can play with the ThriveFantasy promo code.


As you can see above, there are large tournaments in the Contest Lobby with as much as $40,000 guaranteed in prize money, including $10,000 to 1st place, on a given NFL Sunday.

Prize payouts available with the ThriveFantasy promo code.

At this point in time, the largest contests have a difficult time filling , routinely giving DFS users overlay to take advantage of throughout the football season. Overlay opportunities have become increasingly scarce at traditional DFS sites, but that’s not the case here. And of course, finding overlay is one of the best ways to thrive and build your DFS bankroll.

How to Play ThriveFantasy GPPs

Users build their “teams” by making 10 picks out of an available list of 20. These selections are exclusive “Over” or “Under” picks, and each one is assigned a fantasy point value. It’s also important to know that each player’s Over and Under combine to 200 points. For example, if the Over is assigned 85 points, the Under will be assigned 115.

As games conclude, your correct picks will accumulate to form your team’s fantasy score. The team with the most points wins the top prize in the tournament!

ThriveFantasy DFS Platform

ICE Picks

Another welcomed feature at ThriveFantasy is In-Case-of-Emergency (ICE) picks. In addition to the original 10 selections, users make two ICE Picks that will come into play if an original player doesn’t take the field. Gone are the days of late scratches or unforeseen weather ruining our DFS lineups! ICE Picks ensure yor lineup is always live and never drawing dead once games kick off.

Sports and Esports

With contests for 12 different sports/leagues, there’s something for everyone at ThriveFantasy. The biggest contests by far are in NFL, but fans of more niche sports, including Esports, can get in on the action too. Here’s ThriveFantasy’s full list of leagues:

  • NFL
  • NBA
  • MLB
  • Soccer
  • Golf
  • AUDL
  • Cricket
  • CSGO
  • League of Legends (LoL)
  • Overwatch
  • Dota 2

Prop Lobby

As mentioned earlier, ThriveFantasy also has more traditional prop formats, where users pick the Over/Under for two, three, or four players and are awarded a payout if they get each prediction correct. In other words, these are prop parlays.

Entries can be anywhere from $1 up to $200, with payouts as follows:

  • 2/2 correct picks pay 3.6x ($100 entry wins $360)
  • 3/3 correct picks pay 6.2x
  • 4/4 correct picks pay 11x

It’s worth noting that these payouts match or exceed the industry standard for prop picks, as the platform once again lives up to its name.

In addition to Full Game picks, there are also 1st Half and 2nd Half prop options.

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Can I Play ThriveFantasy?

ThriveFantasy is currently available in 33 U.S. states, plus Canada.

Residents of Alaska, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, West Virginia, Wisconsin, and Wyoming can all download the ThriveFantasy app and take advantage of our exclusive ThriveFantasy promo code now!

Banking Options

Users can conveniently make a deposit on ThriveFantasy via Paypal, Credit Card, or E-Check. From depositing funds, picking your teams, and withdrawing your prize money, ThriveFantasy is simple to its core.

Overall ThriveFantasy Promotion Review

ThriveFantasy delivers daily fantasy players the best of both worlds: a props-based DFS platform as well as major peer-to-peer tournaments with large guaranteed prize pools. Users have the option to play against the house or test their ability against other DFS players. With competitive payouts for the former and overlay opportunities for the latter, there’s truly no wrong way to play at ThriveFantasy. Both formats present +EV opportunities to build your bankroll and neither require hours of research in order to succeed.

Beyond the value and profitable returns, ThriveFantasy also has a plenty of sports/leagues available to choose from. Everything from NFL to Cricket and a handful of Esports leagues — again, there’s something for everyone.

As if all of that’s not enough, new users can claim an instant deposit match up to $250 when they sign up with our exclusive promo. What’s not to love? If you’re looking to win money and have a good sweat while simplifying time spent on research and lineup construction, then there may not be a better site than ThriveFantasy. Start picking—and winning—now!

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