Tiger vs. Phil Betting Odds, Tips & Advice

Tiger Woods and Peyton Manning are -186 favorites to win The Match: Champions for Charity, with Brady and Mickelson listed +160 at DraftKings Sportsbook on Saturday, May 23. Scheduled for Memorial Day weekend, the foursome will meet up at Medalist Golf Club in Hobe South, Florida on Sunday, May 24 at 3 p.m. ET. Will Woods avenge his 2018 loss to Phil or will Mickelson thrive as an underdog once again?

The Match: Tiger vs. Phil Betting Odds at Legal US Sportsbooks

TeamFanDuel SportsbookDraftKings SportsbookFOX Bet SportsbookPointsBet SportsbookBetMGM Sportsbook
Tiger Woods/Peyton Manning-180 (Best Odds For Woods/Manning)-195-188 -182 -200
Phil Mickelson/Tom Brady+160+165+160+155+175 (Best Odds For Mickelson/Brady)
States Available to BetNJ, PA, IN, WV and CONJ, PA, IN, WV, IA and CONJ and PANJ, IN and IANJ, IN, WV and CO

Note: Odds are accurate as of Saturday, May 23, 2020.

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Tiger and Phil have invited Tom Brady and Peyton Manning to take their rivalry from the gridiron to the tee box as the football legends join to complete the high-profile foursome at Medalist Golf Club in Hobe Sound, Florida in a charity golf match to benefit coronavirus relief.

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Manning will team up with Woods and Brady with Phil in a hybrid golf format that includes best ball on the front nine and a modified-alternate shot on the back nine. There will be additional challenges throughout the round that will help raise charitable funds.

Another pair of golfers, professional or not, will help alleviate some of the downtime between shots that plagued the first event. It also adds some unique elements to betting on the event.

This golf showdown between Phil and Tiger won’t be a pay-per-view event like its first iteration.

Sponsored by Turner Sports, The Match: Champions for Charity will air on TNT and TBS, and will be one of the first live U.S. sporting events since major sports were abruptly suspended amid the global coronavirus pandemic.

The match will be a precursor to golf resuming on the PGA Tour later in June, three months after the PGA suspended golf action indefinitely following the first round of THE PLAYERS Championship on March 11.

The PGA recently released a revised schedule for the remainder of the 2020 golf season. If all goes according to plan, Tiger, Phil, Manning and Brady will knock out their round a few weeks before professional golf reconvenes on June 11 for the Charles Schwab Challenge in Fort Worth, Texas.

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In addition to raising money for coronavirus relief, the golf match will also help fill the void for US sportsbooks and sports bettors alike during the current sports hiatus.

Let’s recap what we know so far before we look at the available Tiger-Manning vs. Phil-Brady golf odds across online sportsbooks.

Tiger-Manning vs. Phil-Brady Details

Tiger vs. Phil II: Betting Odds, Tips and Advice

Once the pairings were announced, Jeff Sherman, a veteran oddsmaker and VP of Risk Management at Super Book USA in Las Vegas, tweeted out whom his sportsbook would favor.

Sherman said Mickelson and Brady would open as +130 underdogs, making Tiger and Manning -150 favorites.

Right now, FanDuel Sportsbook in Pennsylvania lists Woods and Manning as larger than 2-to-1 favorites.

However, if you want to bet on Tiger and Manning you’re better off visiting DraftKings Sportsbook.

Here’s a list of odds and sportsbooks for The Match: Charity of Champions.

TeamFanDuel SportsbookDraftKings SportsbookFOX Bet SportsbookPointsBet SportsbookBetMGM Sportsbook
Tiger Woods/Peyton Manning-180 (Best Odds For Woods/Manning)-195-188 -182 -200
Phil Mickelson/Tom Brady+160+165+160+155+175 (Best Odds For Mickelson/Brady)
States Available to BetNJ, PA, IN, WV and CONJ, PA, IN, WV, IA and CONJ and PANJ, IN and IANJ, IN, WV and CO

Note: Odds are accurate as of Saturday, May 23, 2020.

As always, it’s pivotal to shop golf odds across online sportsbooks — at PointsBet, DraftKings Sportsbook, BetMGM, FOX Bet, etc., to find the best value whether you want to bet on Tiger-Manning or Phil-Brady.

When to Bet on Tiger and Manning

If you know you’re betting on Tiger and Manning you’ll want to hop on his odds as soon as they come out. The public loves betting on Tiger, and in light of the current state of sports, there will be more public money on this match than usual. Earlier the better if you’re looking to buy low on the favorite.

When to Bet on Phil Brady

I’ll likely be betting on Phil just as I did in 2018. My plan is to wait patiently for money to pour in on Tiger and Manning before locking it in.

The Format for The Match with Tiger, Phil, Manning, and Brady

As mentioned earlier, Tiger, Phil, Peyton and Tom will be competing in a unique golf format that combines best ball and a modified form of alternate shot.

If you don’t watch the Ryder Cup or play golf yourself then you might be asking yourself what exactly is best ball and alternate shot?

What is Best Ball?

Best ball is pretty straight forward. Each player hits their own ball throughout the hole as if they’re playing a normal round of golf. However only the lowest score, i.e., the best ball, counts for the sake of scoring.

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So let’s say Mickelson decides to play uber aggressive on a driveable yet dangerous Par 4 at Medalist Golf Club. He finds the water and makes a double-bogey (6). His teammate, Tom Brady, checks down taking the safe route (is anyone surprised?) and pars the hole. Mickelson and Brady will record a 4 for their team score and the 6 will be ignored.

Now assume Tiger and Manning both bogey the same hole. Brady and Phil will win the hole since Brady’s 4 is the best score (best ball).

One caveat for this match is that the golfers will be taking their handicap indexes into account. Manning is listed as a 6.4 index, and Brady is an 8.1. The quarterbacks will receive strokes on three holes on the front-nine (holes 3, 6 and 8), as well as teeing off further up rather than from the tips, to make things more competitive.

It’s safe to say the front nine will mainly be a match between Tiger and Mickelson, at least on holes 1, 2, 4, 5, 7 and 9, but expect some unique golf props for Brady and Manning through the first half of the match.

What is Alternate Shot?

Traditionally alternate shot consists of teammates alternating shots. Say Tiger tees off on hole No. 10, Manning will hit the second shot, Tiger will hit the third shot and so forth.

Usually the teammates will alternate tee shots, giving the best golfer the even holes.

That won’t be the case for this match, though. Instead, the Tiger-Manning and Phil-Brady will play a modified form of alternate shot, which many call a “shamble.”

Essentially, the golfers will be scrambling from the tee box. That is, all four participants will tee off from every hole on the back nine, and the teams will take their preferred tee shot from there. Once the teams decide what tee shots will be taken, they’ll proceed by playing alternate shot to finish the hole. So if they go with Manning’s tee shot, Tiger will hit the approach shot, Manning will hit the next shot, etc. until the ball is holed. The teams will rinse and repeat this process throughout Medalist Golf Club’s back nine.

Bet on These Golf Props for The Match: Champions for Charity

Now that we know a little more about the format, we can make some fairly informed, reasonable predictions.

Initially it looked like the teams would primarily be using the pros’ tee shots on the back-nine, but with news that the quarterbacks will be playing closer to the fairway, Brady’s and Manning’s tee shots can definitely come into play. In fact, if Tiger and Phil are smart, they’ll be using their partners’ tee shots more often than not.

See, not all shots are equal. The most important shot on each hole will be the teams’ approach shots. Optimally, Tiger and Phil will be the ones pin-seeking, so long as Brady and Manning can put their drives into play. That task will be easier than we expected.

Additionally, putting is one of the noisiest aspects of golf. Amateur golfers are more likely to get lucky on the green than they are from say a 150-200 yard iron shot. By taking Manning’s and Brady’s drives, Tiger and Phil will have the opportunity to stick their ball close and hopefully give their partners some decent birdie looks.

So how are golf bettors to take advantage of this, you ask?

First, sign up at FOX Bet. After you click on “The Match” for FOX Bet’s respective betting menu, go to “Back 9 Props.”

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There you will find a plethora of golf props, but three particularly stand out:





These are my favorite props for Sunday so far, and they’ll potentially gain popularity as we inch closer to Sunday’s tee time. Remember to sign up at FOX Bet and lock these numbers in while you can.

The Chronicles of Tiger vs. Phil

Albeit less official, there were plenty of Tiger vs. Phil renditions before the 2018 prime-time showdown known as “The Match” at Las Vegas’ Shadow Creek Golf Course.

In fact, at one point, it was tough to fathom Tiger and Phil would ever be friendly enough to make something of this nature possible.

Of the two, Mickelson, who is five years older than Woods, earned his first PGA Tour victory as a 20-year-old amateur. By the time Tiger turned pro in 1996, Phil had nine PGA wins under his belt and was inching towards top-10 status per the Offical World Golf Rankings.

When Tiger won his first PGA Tournament at the Las Vegas Invitational, Phil wasn’t far behind. Woods captured his first major a year later at the 1997 Masters, and by 2000 Woods surpassed Mickelson in career victories.

In the years that followed, Mickelson remained major-less while Tiger made a habit of adding the most prestigious trophies to his shelves.

Phil had a chance to steal a trophy and a jacket from Tiger in the 2001 Masters. Sitting one shot back from Tiger after the third round, Mickelson fell three shots short on Sunday, shooting a final-round 70 as Tiger closed with a 68. Tiger would repeat in 2002 while Phil finished in third place again.

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Mickelson finally added a green jacket to his wardrobe at the 2004 Masters, which would become his first of five major championships. By this time, Tiger was on his eighth.

Tiger and Phil have had other battles, trading subtle jabs along the way.

So how did the two golf icons shift from rivals to business partners? Maturity is the most likely explanation, but you can’t talk about either golfer without mentioning their controversies off the course.

It was Tiger’s extramarital affair in 2009 and subsequent back injuries that put Woods’ career temporarily in question. It’s easy to forget that, not long ago, we were asking ourselves if Tiger would ever play, much less, win on Tour again.

Phil, just two months away from turning 50, has been relatively injury-free. Controversy-free, not so much.

Lefty’s off-course relationship with notable gambler Billy Walters, landed him in hot water after the SEC implicated the pair in an insider-trading scandal. Mickelson was able to scramble his way out of any real trouble, only surrendering his profits plus interest, but Walters ended up in prison.

Life on and off the golf course seems to have humbled Tiger, leaving the 44-year-old friendlier with not just Phil but with most of his peers.

Humbled indeed, but as we saw last April, at 44 years old, Tiger’s fierceness hasn’t gone away. If he’s wearing his Sunday red, you better watch out.

Phil, well, he’s still Phil; making side bets with fans and using practice rounds to teach rookies a thing or two about gambling. And of course, he won’t waste an opportunity to throw shade towards his rival-turned-friend, these days, always playfully.

The Match: Tiger vs. Phil Recap

If fall 2018 was any indication, a Tiger vs. Phil match won’t have fireworks like a final Sunday pairing.

Nearly two years ago, Tiger opened as a -130 favorite at online sports betting sites. At the time, bettors could bet Phil +110. Predictably, money poured in on Tiger, making him a -200 favorite once The Match rolled around, while bettors were getting some great value with Phil +180.

Bettors might have liked Tiger but it was Phil who had the last laugh, winning in a playoff on the 22nd hole.

In general, The Match was underwhelming. Despite $9 million on the line, the two were often as generous with “gimmes” as they were with the $1 million worth of side bets donated to charity.

Phil Mickelson Recent Finishes

Phil has struggled this year, he’ll tell you as much.

However, as mentioned earlier, wherever they decide to play, Mickelson will be able to use his creativity for scoring opportunities. A match play format sets up particularly well for Phil, allowing him to play aggressively without worrying about blowing up on a single hole.

Tiger Woods Recent Finishes

Even before the PGA’s indefinite suspension, Tiger had shied away from competitive golf early in 2020. Tiger withdrew from the Players Championship last month citing a back injury. Tiger’s history with injuries is concerning, but this time he was likely making a calculated decision as he prepared to defend his 2019 Masters title, originally scheduled for this week.

Who has the edge on the golf course, Manning or Brady?

Manning retired from the NFL in 2016, so it’s safe to say he’s played a few more golf rounds than Brady, who recently announced his departure from the New England Patriots.

Of course, now that Brady has moved into Derek Jeter’s Florida home, #12 has access to plenty of golf courses as he prepares for his first season as a Tampa Bay Buccaneer.

Speaking of the Buccaneers, can we get a prop bet on Gronk joining The Match as Brady’s caddie?

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We’ll continue to update this page with news, odds, along with additional golf betting tips and advice for The Match: Champions for Charity as things progress.

In the meantime, be sure to sign up at the sportsbooks mentioned throughout this article so you don’t miss out on the golf betting action!

Image Credit: USA Today Sports Images