NFL Prop Bets: Where To Find Football Props For The 2022 Season

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Follow along as we break down everything you need to know about NFL props bets, including the top prop sites for the 2022 NFL season. You can use our PrizePicks promo code to begin picking player props with a $100 sign-up bonus today!

A NFL prop bet is a wager that is not necessarily impacted by the outcome of the game. For example, you could wager whether Seahawks wide receiver DK Metcalf will catch more or fewer than 1.5 TDs in an upcoming game. The number of touchdown passes DK Metcalf catches does not directly determine whether the Seahawks win or lose the game. One could certainly argue that it has an indirect effect on the chances of the Seahawks winning, but the bet is separate from the outcome of the game itself.

This page will break down the different prop bet types, discuss emerging daily fantasy prop sites across the DFS industry, go over which sportsbooks are the best options for prop bettors, and wrap up with a very special NFL prop betting FAQ section. Let’s get started.

Four Types of NFL Prop Bets

There are four major types of NFL prop bets, including player prop bets like the Metcalf touchdown example from above. Additional NFL prop bets include team prop bets, game prop bets, and novelty props.

NFL Player Props

There are many different player prop bet types available for all NFL games. Most player prop bet types are a simple yes/no question related to whether a player will go over or under a metric, such as rushing or receiving yards and TDs thrown or caught. Player prop bets also involve how many receptions a player will complete or even how many points a field goal kicker will kick for. On the defensive side, you can bet on how many tackles, interceptions, or sacks a player will have. The number of player prop bets available on sportsbooks is seemingly infinite but usually numbers in the hundreds for every NFL game.

And as we’ll discuss later, player props are becoming more and more popular across the daily fantasy industry. Sites like PrizePicks, Monkey Knife Fight, Underdog Fantasy, and ThriveFantasy have taken the industry by storm while using player props to introduce innovative but simpler ways to play DFS.

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Game Props

There aren’t quite as many game prop bets posted on sportsbooks but the list is definitely impressive. NFL game prop bets relate to the game itself, including but not limited to the outcome of the game. One example would be a wager on which team will score the first TD or which team will be the first to score 10 points. Another popular game prop bet is to pick the exact winning amount, which is also sort of a team prop bet but is listed as a game prop in DraftKings so we will stick with that. If you think the Bills are going to win by 7-12, that’s a game prop bet.

Team Props

Team prop bets are more popular than game prop bets because bettors can wager for or against a team rather than just the game itself. Think the Seahawks will score more than 17 points in their upcoming game against the Steelers? That’s a team prop bet. A team prop bet is just a prop bet related to a team, as the name implies. They are usually related to point totals but can be broken down further. Depending on the game, there could be just a few team prop bets offered or there could be a whole bunch. Playoff games and high-profile games will have a wider variety of team prop bets than low-profile games.

Novelty Props

The novelty bets you might be familiar with, like the color of the Gatorade dumped on the winning head coach or the length of the national anthem during the Super Bowl, are actually not offered by legal, regulated sportsbooks. Legal sportsbooks like the ones reviewed by RotoGrinders are generally only allowed to offer bets on the action directly related to the game, like point totals or receiving yards. Interestingly, the coin toss is allowed because it is technically related to the game. Tails never fails!

The novelty prop bets on the news before the Super Bowl are offered by offshore, unregulated sportsbooks that don’t have to follow any rules. We at RotoGrinders don’t really like offshore sportsbooks because they aren’t regulated and don’t have any requirements to protect bettors’ personal and financial information, so we don’t usually talk about them. That said, it’s important to know that the novelty bets you may be familiar with aren’t actually available on your favorite sportsbook app.

However, there are plenty of novelty prop bets that are offered by legal, regulated sportsbooks. Cross-sport prop bets are a popular option. Will the total number of Alexander Ovechkin goals and Deebo Samuel TDs on the same day be over or under 3.5? Which number will be higher: James Harden points or Zeke Elliott rushing yards? Those are two examples of cross-sport novelty prop bets that are offered, particularly during the NFL playoffs when interest in NFL prop betting is at its peak.

DFS Sites with NFL Props

Let’s pivot a bit from sportsbooks to Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) sites. As you may know, DFS was as close as bettors could get to single-game wagering before sports betting was legalized in 2019. Instead of setting a season-long NFL fantasy team, DFS lets you pick a team for just one week of games or even a single Sunday slate. DFS games are still very popular, but interest has waned since legal sports betting has come to so many states. Enter over/under games, the newest DFS offering.

Similar to many prop bets, Over/Under games are just that, picking whether a player will go over or under a certain metric related to the game, just like the prop bets we discussed above. Similar to a parlay wager, the more you get right, the more you win. And you play against the house rather than against other players like in DFS leagues. You can get the same action by stacking the same prop bets in a parlay on your favorite sportsbook, but the DFS sites that offer Over/Under games emphasize their social media connectivity and ability to play and smack talk with your friends. Plus, the Over/Under games are available in many states where mobile sports betting is not yet legal. Let’s go over which sites offer Over/Under games and where they are legal.

Best Sites for NFL Props

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States where DFS props are legal

DFS Over/Under betting is not legal in every state, nor is it legal in every state that allows DFS. Some states that allow mobile sports betting do not allow DFS Over/Under games. Plus, to confuse things further, not every DFS app operates in every state they are allowed to do so. All that is a long way to say that we have a pretty good idea where DFS Over/Under games are allowed, but we might be one or two states off. Please feel free to reach out to us on Twitter if you see any mistakes. We love hearing from our readers.

Alaska Arkansas California DC Florida
Georgia Illinois Kansas Kentucky Massachusetts
Minnesota Nebraska New Mexico North Carolina North Dakota
Oklahoma Oregon Rhode Island South Carolina South Dakota
Texas Utah Vermont Wisconsin Wyoming

Sportsbooks with NFL Prop Bets

Back to sportsbook NFL prop bets. We are 100% certain that the following sportsbooks offer player prop wagering on NFL games in the states in which they operate:

Ok, that was a bit of a joke, but it’s true that every sportsbook offers at least a few NFL prop bets because of the popularity of pro football and the emerging popularity of prop bets. We at RotoGrinders take pride in our unbiased reviews of all the major sportsbooks, so we feel confident that you will get the best value and selection for your hard-earned sports betting bankroll by heading to the following sportsbooks whenever you want to make some prop bets:


What types of prop bets are available for NFL games?

Sportsbooks usually offer a wide variety of NFL prop bet wagering options, broken down into the following four categories:

Where can I find NFL props?

You can find NFL props at online sportsbooks, like DraftKings and Caesars, as well as DFS sites like PrizePicks, Monkey Knife Fight, Underdog Fantasy, Vivid Picks, Sleeper, and ThriveFantasy.

Is the Over/Under game offered by my DFS site a type of prop bet?

Yes, the Over/Under games that are becoming very popular on all the top DFS sites are a type of NFL prop bet. If you’re picking whether Josh Allen will throw for over or under 289 yards in an upcoming game, you’re making a player prop bet. DFS sites aren’t traditional sportsbooks, of course, but they are trying to come close by offering these Over/Under games that basically amount to multi-leg player prop parlay bets.

Are NFL prop bets better than single-game wagering?

In some ways, yes. Betting on NFL games is fun for entertainment since you’re watching the game anyway, but the sportsbooks know more about the NFL than any other sport, so there are hardly ever any mispriced pregame lines. That is not true for NFL prop bets due to the fact that there are so many different wagering opportunities. No sportsbook has enough people to ensure every single prop bet is accurately priced, so there is some potential value to be found. It might take some legwork and research, but NFL prop betting can potentially lead to more wins than regular single-game wagering over the course of a season.

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