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Daily Fantasy Strategy Vault

By RotoGrinders, Last Updated 1 month ago

Daily Fantasy Strategy Vault

Last Updated: July 2014

The RotoGrinders Strategy Vault consolidates the best daily fantasy strategy articles, discussions, and management tips posted on RotoGrinders into one convenient location. Basically, it’s the best of the best for articles, discussions, interviews and other content that has been posted on RotoGrinders since we went live in July 2010. Just click on a link below to jump to that strategy section!

Think we left anything off? Let us know!

Strategy Topics

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Bankroll Management

Building the perfect lineup is only half the battle if you want to be a long-term profitable Grinder. You could spend months building up your bankroll in daily fantasy and, if you’re not careful, blow through it all in one night. The big stakes are tempting, but don’t move too quickly, too fast. These articles should help guide you through some techniques to help you properly manage your bankroll.

  • JimFred82’s Bankroll Journey – RotoGrinder-favorite blogger, JimFred82, has been passionate about micro-stakes bankroll management for years now. Here’s a recap of his journey of growing $1 into $100:

1) Bankroll Tips for Daily Fantasy Newbies (2012)
2) Turning $1 into $100 – Bankroll Series (2013)

  • Bankroll Management Discussion (2012) – FROM THE FORUMS – The RG community discusses key aspects to properly managing your bankroll in this Strategy Thread of the Week created by Sprom.

  • - DraftKings 2013 NFL Season: A Simulation (2013) – Top-ranked Grinder BriPC23 runs a simulation for DraftKings GPPs to show you an example of what bankroll is needed to endure a particular season of play on DK.
  • - Daily Fantasy Tournament Variance (2013) – BriPC explores how much variance exists in DFS Tournaments, and how many games you have to play to be able to indicate your ability
  • - Daily Fantasy 50/50 Variance (2013) – Top-ranked BriPC asks the question again: What does variance look like and how many games do we have to play until we have a good idea of our real ability?
  • Back to Basics: Breakeven Percentage (2011) – Moose discusses how to focus on the rake and breakeven percentages involved in Daily Fantasy games, in order to better build your bankroll.

The Basics

Are you new to Daily Fantasy Sports? It’s not an exact replica of your run-of-the mill work fantasy league. There’s multiple sites, multiple scoring systems, and a lot of other nuances to be aware of. Here are some basic overviews of what Daily Fantasy is and the best ways to get started:

  • Rookie Handbook – Again, JackAndSoda covers some of the basics to keep in mind when starting out, this time with a focus on NFL season tactics.
  • New to Daily Fantasy? (2010) – New to the industry or transferring over from season-long leagues? Start here to get a rundown of what to expect, and how to dive into this amazing new concept.
  • Daily Fantasy Glossary (2011) – Confused with all the terminology? Here’s a glossary RotoGrinders put together, which contains all the terms you need to know in Daily Fantasy and is updated regularly.
  • 5 Secrets of All Daily Fantasy Sports (2012) – Ethan breaks down five, solid introductory concepts that apply to all Daily Fantasy Sports, and that every Daily Fantasy Grinder should know.

Sports-Specific Strategy

Becoming a long-term winner in daily fantasy presents different obstacles depending on the sport. Just because you’ve mastered Daily Fantasy Baseball doesn’t mean you’ll be an overnight expert in Daily Fantasy Basketball. Each sport involves different pools of players, has its own research methods, possesses different roster dynamics, and of course, it requires a good understanding of the actual sport. Use the collection of articles below, sorted by sport, to help get a leg-up on the competition when branching out into new sports.

NFL Strategy

Projecting Players

  • NFL Advanced Metrics (2010) – Blinders delves into the factors that construct a players score in the NFL, and discusses how to project each of them.
  • Defensive Strategies: Part 1 (2012) – Part 2 (2012) – Have trouble deciding which Defense to choose? This two-part series covers the dynamics that go into each site’s D/ST scoring and helps you project them.
  • How to Project RBs: Part 1 (2011) – Part 2 – This two-part article covers the aspects that go into projecting for Running Backs in the NFL, while focusing on players’ ceilings and floors.
  • NFL Strategy by Daily Fantasy Site (2012) – Ethan breaks down all of the scoring systems for the daily fantasy sites and tells you where you should spend money and where you should save. Must-read!

Advanced Analysis

  • Fade the Thursday Night Game From the Forums – CSURam88 asks, and the community discusses, if fading Thursday Night Football is a worthwhile strategy

MLB Strategy

The Basics

  • NEWMLB – What You Need to Know” (for 2014 MLB Season):/blog-posts/MLB_What_You_Need_to_Know-252196 by LouiesCards – Awesome article which gives you an overview of the industry scoring, roster structure, stacking, and strategy across all sites.
  • Multi-Site Pitcher Selection (2012) – RotoKevin analyzes the nuances of each sites’ scoring systems for Pitchers, and gives you some examples on how to adjust your strategy depending on which site you’re playing on.
  • Step-by-Step Guide to Putting Together a Winning MLB Lineup: (2011) – Part 1 PitchingPart 2 Hitting – Notorious provides you with a step-by-step breakdown on how to construct both the Pitching and Hitting aspects of your Daily Fantasy MLB Lineups
  • Daily Fantasy MLB Opening Day Strategy (2012) – MRathburn (of Daily Joust) walks you through 3 very important strategy tips to employ as you approach the MLB Season: Ballpark Factors, Defensive Efficiency and MLB Splits.

Park Factors

  • Using Park Factors In Daily Fantasy Contests (2010) – Park factors are a more complicated subject than one would think. The general issue that you’re faced with is determining what is going to have better predictive value – an adjustment based on a very specific situation that has few historical instances, or an adjustment based on a more general situation with a larger sample size.

Lineup Tips

  • The Impact of Bullpens On Lineup Selection (2010) – Despite the fact that most daily fantasy formats don’t include relief pitchers, it still pays to pay attention to them. Teams’ bullpens impact daily fantasy baseball in two ways. They affect the probability of a starting pitcher winning their game, and they affect the expected performance of opposing hitters.
  • DraftStreet MLB Salary Distribution (2012) – Ethan takes a look at the strategy used by all of the DSBC qualifiers in 2012 to find some interesting commonalities that were used to win the huge qualifiers during the DS Baseball Championship. Great way to learn from the best!

Advanced Concepts & Metrics

  • Using Advanced Metrics to Evaluate Pitching Quality: xFIP (2010) – You should be using xFIP to evaluate how well a pitcher has pitched, rather than using ERA. Another way to say that is that xFIP is a better predictor of future ERA than past ERA is. After reading this, you’ll be able to do so.
  • The Empty Bullpen (2012) – RotoKevin covers an advanced-scenario to keep an eye on for the Daily Fantasy MLB Grinder: The Empty Bullpen.

NBA Strategy

The Basics

  • NEWStacking Value in NBA Daily Fantasy – In this breakdown, we’ll look at which teams most often have multiple players scoring 30+, 40+ and 50+ fantasy points in a single game while proving that stacking in the NBA is not an advisable strategy, specifically for tournament play.
  • Projecting NBA Players (2010)- Blinders goes into depth on how to project NBA Players, into some depth on how to determine the defensive match-up factor for fantasy basketball.
  • Introduction to Draft Day NBA Scoring (2012) – Cameron walks you through DraftDay’s unique scoring system, providing comparisons to the scoring systems you know and tables showing how the different scoring affects certain players.

Over/Under Lines in NBA Daily Fantasy

Barro explores how to use Over/Under lines when building your Daily Fantasy NBA squad, with a focus on positive scoring and not negative scoring (missed FG or FT and TO).

1) Over/Under Lines in NBA – Part 1 (2013)
2) Over/Under Lines in NBA – Part 2 (2013)
3) Over/Under Lines in NBA – Part 3 (2013)

Weekly Contests

NHL Strategy

The Basics

  • DraftStreet NHL is Here! (2011) – Chewy (aka LandSharkHockey) gives you a rundown of the entire DraftStreet NHL system and some basic tips to get you started off on the right foot.
  • Fantasy Hockey for Those with Puck Apathy (2011) – RotoKevin creates a good comparison article for those strong in MLB, and wanting to expand into playing NHL, by drawing comparisons between both sports in a Daily Fantasy setting.

College Football Strategy

The Basics

College Basketball Strategy

The Basics

  • NEWCollege Basketball Strategy – Here are the Top 10 things top college sports Grinder, Scott121422, looks at when filling out his CBB lineups.

Specific Game Format Strategies

As alluded to earlier, Daily Fantasy Sports requires a diverse body of knowledge and skill to master all aspects. Not only are there multiple popular sports, but you can play them on multiple sites, which use a variety of game formats, roster setups and scoring systems. To maximize your wins and profits, a true Grinder should be savvy in multiple sports, sites and scoring settings. This section contains articles which pertain to specific Daily Fantasy sites, specific game-types, or are focused on some other important nuance of the Daily Fantasy industry.

GPP (Guaranteed Prize Pool) Strategy

  • JackAndSoda’s Ongoing GPP Article Series – If you’re looking to improve at GPPs, look no further. These two article series are the cream-of-the-crop, when it comes to improving in GPP format contests:

Putting the G into GPP Series

1) Putting the Guaranteed into GPP Part 1: History 101 (2012)
2) Putting the Guaranteed Into GPP Part 2: Economics 101 (2012)
3) Putting the Guaranteed Into GPP Part 3: Sociology 101 (2012)
4) Putting The Guaranteed Into GPP: Extreme Makeover (2012)
5) Putting the Guaranteed into GPP: Exploring Upside (2013) – Jack’s back! Another incredible edition added to this ongoing series on GPP Strategy

Putting the G into GPP Series

1) – Putting the Guaranteed Into GPP: NBA Edition – No description needed. One of the best blogs of all time. JnS focused his hit series on NBA GPPs.

GPP Player Watch Series

1) Player Watch: headChopper (2012)
2) Player Watch: CSURam88 (2012)
3) Player Watch: Oneshot1819 (2012)

  • A Closer Look at FanDuel Large-Field Contest Composition (2011) – Cal takes a look at the composition of a Wednesday Slam and Rebound contest on FanDuel, to display the difference between a Large-Field contest that allows for unlimited entries vs. one that allows for just one entry.
  • Calculating Overlay in GPPs (2011) – From time to time entries in large field fantasy leagues come up short of what the site was expecting, and provide some extra value called an overlay. Blinders shows you how to spot these overlays, and capitalize on the opportunity.
  • DFBC Math for the Rake Conscious Player (2011) – Cal breaks down the 2011 FanDuel Daily Fantasy Baseball Championship, to show you how to calculate the value of your entry into a Satellite event such as the FFFC and the DFBC.
  • Stacking Forum Discussion (2012) – In one of the longest forum discussions in RG History, members discuss break-down and argue the pros and cons of ‘stacking’ in Daily Fantasy Sports.


  • Uneven Money: Exploring 50/50s (2012) – JackAndSoda is back! This time analyzing why 50/50s might not be as good of a value-move for Grinders as they appear…

Championship Events

Aside from the GPP content covered earlier, here are some more specific analysis on strategies for qualifying for Championship Events such as the FFFC, DSBC, Super Joust, etc.

  • Putting the Guaranteed Into GPP: NBA Edition (DFBBC Analysis) – JackAndSoda dissects and analyzes all facets of the DFBBC on FanDuel in an instant Hall of Fame article…one of the best articles ever-seen on RotoGrinders.

General Intermediate & Advanced Strategy

There are a lot of factors that go into becoming a winning Daily Fantasy Grinder. The sections above cover the basics: Sites, Sport, Scoring, Formats, Players, etc. But there are also many general strategies that you can apply to help improve your win-rate. Once you’ve mastered the basics, expand your game by checking out some more in-depth strategy analysis below:

  • Blinders Table Selection Article Discussion (2010) – Forum Discussion Follow-Up – Tippy, GeneralV, Blinders, Bufall66 and some of the other big names in Daily Fantasy discuss Blinders Table Selection article and concepts.
  • Multi Site Play (2011) – RotoKevin covers how to play on multiple sites, and why you should be ‘sniping noobs’.
  • No Time? Build a Winner Anyway (2012) – RotoKevin unveils a strategy for you to quickly build an effective Daily Fantasy MLB squad, when you’re in a pinch for time!
  • Thinking Outside the Cap (2011) – You’ve heard the term “thinking outside the box” before, right? Cameron covers how to ‘think outside the cap’, by highlighting an example lineup seen in use by one of the industry’s top players.
  • The Value Proposition (2012) – Eddbot breaks down a simple way for new players to calculate player value


Daily Fantasy Sports is a lifestyle. Sometimes it goes beyond just knowing how to build good teams and manage your bankroll. This section contains articles revolving around the lifestyle of a Daily Fantasy player, including interviews with some of the top players in the industry, coverage of some noteworthy challenges, and other articles that can help you improve your your aspects of life involving Daily Fantasy both at, and away from, the computer.

  • THE WELL: JackAndSoda (2012) – In a fan-favorite tradition imparted on RotoGrinders from, JackAndSoda hosts a no-holds-barred Q&A session open to all RG Members, answering any questions asked to him in the forums.
  • THE WELL: Naapstermaan (2012) – “Because on Monday, a Panda is in the well”. Naapstermaan answers all in the forums, shortly after qualifying for the 2012 FFFC Finals
  • Interview with Buffalo66 (2010) – The ‘Godfather’ of Daily Fantasy sits down with RotoGrinders and discusses the infamous ‘Buffalo Challenge.’
  • Interview with GeneralV (2010) – Hear some candid thoughts from one of best NFL players to date. Joe Vance has been ranked as high as #3 overall and was the inaugural FFFC Champion in Vegas.
  • Interview with HixvilleHunk (2011) – HixvilleHunk went on legendary run during the 2011 MLB Season, attempting to amass an unheard of $60,000 in profits. RotoGrinders sat down and talked with him during the peak of that run.
  • Interview with PrimeTime420 (2010) – Longevity. Elite. Grinder. These are three words that describe top-ranked Grinder, PrimeTime420.
  • Sprizouse Goes For 500 Wins in Month (2011) – Sprizouse attempted the feet of winning 500 games on DraftStreet in one month, which was unheard of at the time. Lucky for us, he documented it all. Here are his four blog entries throughout the Journey:

1) Sprizouse Goes for 500 Wins
2) 500 Win Challenge: Week 1 Update
3) 500 Win Challenge: Week 2 Update
4) September Recap

  • Condia Interview (2012) – An interview with the man, the myth, the legend: Condia. The volume this guy put up is incredible in NFL season, and it’s no surprise he’s often ranked the #1 Overall Grinder
  • Kaetorade Interview (2012) – In just a few short months, Kaetorade shot onto the Daily Fantasy scene with over $100,000 in winnings and made it to the 29th ranked Grinder. Here’s an in-depth interview with a great guy and a great Grinder!
  • TomG Interview (2012) – Top Grinder TomG (or g123 on DraftStreet) discusses the daily fantasy world and shares some insight into what has allowed him to be so successful in an exclusive RotoGrinders interview with our very own Ethan.


With this much money moving around an online sports industry, one is sure to have concerns over the legality of the situation. Don’t worry though; RotoGrinders is here to look out for you. We will always keep you posted on the current legal state of Daily Fantasy Sports and update you on any changes to legislation that are applicable to Daily Fantasy Sports. As of right now though, except for a few situations unique to specific states, Daily Fantasy Sports is 100% legal and has a bright future. Here is a breakdown of the current legislation involving Daily Fantasy Sports. Also, look for topics like Accounting and Taxes to be posted in the near future.


If you think we’re leaving any articles out from the list, you’d like to see a topic written on that isn’t currently covered, or you think that you, yourself have an entry worthy of being posted to the Strategy Archives, just post in the Comments below or shoot us an email and we’ll take a look!


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