Fanball NFL Auction Breakdown: Week 8 – Friday, October 26th

Hey everyone, welcome to the Fanball NFL Auction breakdown. If you haven’t played on this site before, it’s a product unlike anything you’ve ever seen before in DFS. They will be offering an Auction-style format drafting with four players on the board at all times, meaning you have to be on your toes and be aware of what is going on, because split-second mistakes can be costly.

Each team must draft 1 QB, 2 WR, 2 RB, and 1 TE. No player can be left on the board at the end of the draft, so if you are the last player not to draft a TE, then when the last TE goes on the board you will autodraft them for $1.

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There are four players up for auction at all times, so you need to be able to adlib on the fly if someone goes drastically over what you are projecting to pay for them or if they go drastically under what you are projecting to pay for them. Below are my breakdowns for each position, along with the projected pay-point for each player I would suggest.

Be sure to check out Kevin Cole’s overall look at his projected values before my breakdown below.

Friday, October 26th


Patrick Mahomes – $10
Ben Roethlisberger – $5
Aaron Rodgers – $5
Drew Brees – $5
Andrew Luck – $4
C.J. Beathard – $1

Mahomes – Mahomes is the clear top option in today’s player pool, but I am hesitant to pay big bucks for him. He does offer a good three points over all other QBs and a full eight points over Beathard, but paying up at QB can cause some major holes in the rest of your lineup. If Mahomes comes on the board early in the draft and you get him for $10+, make sure you plan the rest of your draft accordingly, because there are a lot of landmines in this draft.

Roethlisberger, Rodgers, Brees, Luck – This group is clearly a tier lower than Mahomes, but likely where you end up getting a discount. Realistically, each of these guys should go for around $8, but people aren’t going to realize this and you can likely get one of these guys for real cheap. Bid on each one as they come on the board and hope you get one of them at a discount.

Beathard – You don’t want to get stuck with Beathard, but it’s not nearly as bad as getting stuck with one of the other landmines. If you have the choice of getting stuck with Beathard or getting stuck with Curtis Samuel, Herndon, or Mostert, you go with Beathard every time.

Running Back

Saquon Barkley – $27
Joe Mixon – $23
Christian McCaffrey – $22
Alvin Kamara – $20
David Johnson – $19
Kerryon Johnson – $9
Nick Chubb – $6
Chris Carson – $5
Alex Collins – $2
Doug Martin – $2
Aaron Jones – $2
Raheem Mostert – $1

Barkley, Mixon, McCaffrey, Kamara, Johnson – These are great pay up spots and should be one of the focal points of your draft (with an emphasis on Barkley). Getting stuck with one of the bottom four RBs could put a dagger right through your lineup and will likely put you at a decent disadvantage over people with a more balanced lineup.

Johnson, Chubb, Carson – This group is likely where you want to get stuck with your RB2. These guys are each a big upgrade over the next tier and if you have a chance to jump on one of these guys for the cheap early on in the draft you should hop on it.

Collins, Martin, Jones – Each of these guys are a drastic dropoff from the rest of the RBs in both ceiling and floor. My plan is to stay away from each of these RBs if possible and try and get two of the higher guys early on in the draft.

Mostert – This is a clear landmine spot. Stay away because if Berida ends up playing this is basically a dead spot in your lineup and if he doesn’t, then it’s still likely to end poorly.

Wide Receiver

Antonio Brown – $26
Tyreek Hill – $21
Davante Adams – $20
Michael Thomas – $20
JuJu Smith-Schuster – $19
T.Y. Hilton – $16
Kenny Golladay – $12
Taylor Gabriel – $8
Demaryius Thomas – $6
Marquise Goodwin – $5
Courtland Sutton – $5
Curtis Samuel – $1

Brown, Hill, Adams, Thomas, Smith-Schuster, Hilton – These guys are all great pay up spots, but in most my drafts I’m not planning on focusing on any of them. I think that it’s more of a priority to make sure that your lineup is absent of landmines which will sink your draft, and if you do pay up for one or two of these receivers, then you are likely to get stuck with one of the terrible players at each of the other positions. If you already have two mid-tier RBs and have your QB and TE locked up, then you should go for one of these guys, but don’t do it if it means you’ll get stuck with the likes of Samuel, Herdon, or Mostert.

Golladay, Gabriel, Thomas, Goodwin, Sutton – In most of my drafts, I’m likely going to end up with at least one of these WRs in my lineup. I plan on paying up for RB and securing one of the top five QBs and TEs. Throw a bid on one of these guys early, and there’s a chance that you may end up getting one or even two of these guys for only $1 which allows you to load up at literally every other spot.

Samuel – Out of all the landmines, Samuel may be the worst on the board. Do whatever you can in your power to make sure this player does not end up in your lineup.

Tight End

George Kittle – $8
Eric Ebron – $6
Trey Burton – $6
Vance McDonald – $3
Evan Engram – $3
Chris Herndon – $1

For TE, I have all the guys actually lowballed these guys compared to the actual value they provide over the bottom choice for TE in Herndon. All TEs in this group project between a four- and eight-point upgrade over Herndon and if forced to later in the draft you should pay a premium for them if it assures you don’t get stuck with Herndon, but you can likely get one of these players on the cheap early on. My plan is to bid on every TE that comes on the board during the draft and see which one I get at a discount (which you almost always can as it is a position that is largely ignored in these drafts).

The Stack Spots

As we all know, in football DFS, pairing your QB with a WR or TE can have a drastic effect on your upside in any given competition and auction-style like this is no different. As you can clearly see from the player pool, each QB has WRs and/or TEs which you can pair with them to raise your upside. Below is my favorite stacking spot.

Luck with Ebron & Hilton – While I would avoid trying to go too far out of your way to try and stack with this player pool, as it may force you into taking one of the bottom four players, this stack can be cheaply attained and has massive upside. If things play out how I expect them to in most drafts, you should be able to snag all these guys for under $20 total, which leaves you enough for one upper tier RB or WR and can keep you from getting stuck with one of the landmines.

Remember guys, keep an eye out for what’s happening in your draft and if guys are going for way less than they are projected for here, you should know that some of these prices may be too low. Likewise, if guys are going for higher than the above price early on you can get a lot of these guys at a huge discount.

About the Author

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  • One of the most vibrant and interesting personalities in all of DFS, Grant Neiffer, aka gneiffer07 has economics and accounting degrees from Azusa Pacific University. He’s been playing DFS since 2013 and fantasy sports from the ripe old age of 10. He has qualfiied for countless live finals and is routinely at the top of the RotoGrinders rankings in all the major sports. He can frequently be found on GrindersLive shows and podcasts and producing written expert analysis for RotoGrinders users.


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